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  1. Hello everyone, I am a new nurse. I’ve been working in a long term acute care hospital for about 3 months. Recently, I applied to a large ambulatory clinic and the position will be a triage RN. I am not sure if I should leave my hospi...
  2. Just wondering if anyone has heard yet from CCSF for Spring 2019? I've read the other posts from the previous year, and supposedly people began getting their letters around this week. I have yet to hear from them. I also tried calling but keep gettin...
  3. CCSF Spring 2019 Admissions

    I got your PM, Tina. Unfortunately, I can't PM back because I need to be more active on this site (or something along those lines) in order to have that privilege. Lol
  4. CCSF Spring 2019 Admissions

    Thank you, Tyler and Tina! Can you tell me when the official start date is? I found the student handbook online; that answered many of my questions regarding the classes we are taking on the first semester including clinical hours, etc. We are lookin...
  5. CCSF Spring 2019 Admissions

    Sailorsaturn, that's very exciting!!! I just got my letter today, so I will pick up my packet on Monday or Tuesday. How many classes are you registered for? I have so many questions, too bad we can't msg privately.
  6. CCSF Spring 2019 Admissions

    Thanks for the reply, ZoeyDengsta. I was curious because while my GPA is good, I have very little health care experience. Good luck at USF! Hope you get some good news.
  7. CCSF Spring 2019 Admissions

    I just got my acceptance letter. I look forward to meeting everyone at the orientation! :)
  8. CCSF Spring 2019 Admissions

    Hi TS90, thank you for calling them! Now I know not to expect anything this week.
  9. CCSF Spring 2019 Admissions

    Exactly. Thank you for the info... I hope it doesn't delay notifications. I just need to know. Haha
  10. CCSF Spring 2019 Admissions

    TS90, have you been doing the practice tests? I thought they were very helpful when I took mine. Good luck :)
  11. CCSF Spring 2019 Admissions

    ZoeyDengsta, how did you do on the test? I took mine 3 months ago for another school which I did not get into but I am hoping I have a chance at CCSF. Fingers crossed. I was shooting for a 90, I got an 84. I ran out of time in the math section.
  12. Thanks Aharris160! Hoping for some good news!!!
  13. CCSF Spring 2019 Admissions

    Nice!!! I got the same letter. I hope we both make it in. Very exciting... :)
  14. CCSF Spring 2019 Admissions

    I just called again, and was told that letters did go out last Friday!