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  1. Blondie_M

    Penn Valley Rn Program 2020 Jan start

    Yes I got mine today but I havent looked it over yet. You working on getting all your supplies?
  2. Blondie_M

    Nursing Smells You Love?

    Omg this is something I always think about but never have voiced lol. When you first walk in to the hospital and its that lotion smell mixed the overall clean smelling air? Mind you this smell changes from clean to not so clean as you advance lol
  3. Blondie_M

    Supplies needed for Clinicals?

    Thank you! I was just looking at ine of those watches and clipboards that open to store items in on Amazon! I will add them to my list. What is the difference between a watch on your wrist and one you clip on? Which do you all recommend?
  4. I was accepted in to Nursing Clinicals for Jan 2020 (Yay!!) What do I need to purchase between now and then for supplies? So far I have my stethoscope and trauma sheers. Will I need my own hemostats?
  5. Has anyone applied and been accepted to start Clinicals in January? I recieved my acceptance(yay) for the day program on Friday the 13th (ha) and when you accept your seat it just gives a response thanks we will be in touch soon. Anyone else accepted and do this?
  6. Blondie_M

    Anyone Hoping to Start Nursing School Fall 2020?

    I applied in Aug for the day program and was accepted!!! Woot Woot!! I start Clinicals in January
  7. Blondie_M

    Help with extra class

    Thank you!!
  8. I wouldn't take much with Micro, it's a hard hard class, at least my schools were. Lots of homework, papers etc
  9. Blondie_M

    Anyone Hoping to Start Nursing School Fall 2020?

    I'm hoping to start the nursing program in January of 2020. I am applying in August ....I've already taken my TEAS and all my pre reqs, including a few of my non nursing clinical classes.
  10. Blondie_M

    Help with extra class

    I do need to take pathophysiology, but I was thinking u have to be in the program for that? Anyone know? Also my friend, who is now a new nurse, said medical terminology class that she took like, 20 years ago, she's benefiting from now, what do you all think of that?
  11. Blondie_M

    Help with extra class

    I need some advice, so I've taken all my pre req classes and in August I'm submitting my nursing application for clinicals, while I'm waiting, I want to take another class, but Ive taken them all, including 2 classes that are part of my nursing program that are non nursing related. I checked out the BSN program that I'll be transferring to once I'm a working RN, and all of those seem like I can't take them till I'm a nurse...any suggestions on a class I can take while I wait that would be beneficial as well? Oh and it has to be financial aid usable. Thanks!!!!
  12. I'm currently a CC student going for my RN ADN. I just moved from NC to Mo last year. In NC I finished my first 2 yrs & all of my prereqs. When I moved I was at the point where I could take the teas and then apply for the nursing program but that hasn't worked out. When I got here to MO the school I transferred to required chem..so I took it. Didn't get a great grade so I retook it ...that wasted a year. I just took the Teas did decent and went to apply to the nursing program and they said my accuplacer scores were expired. I've taken the math portion three times and cannot pass it. I already took the math classes in NC but they won't accept them here they said they don't transfer. Now I don't know what to do. If I try to get into the next math class that will be spring semester then I apply for fall and get in next January to clinicals (a year and a half away!). Or do I enroll with all my prereqs to University of Central Missouri take the remainder of the classes that they want( 2 semesters) and then apply to nursing school. I'm so confused. I don't want to be taking these classes till I'm a little old woman. Advice?

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