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I'm currently a CC student going for my RN ADN. I just moved from NC to Mo last year. In NC I finished my first 2 yrs & all of my prereqs. When I moved I was at the point where I could take the teas and then apply for the nursing program but that hasn't worked out. When I got here to MO the school I transferred to required I took it. Didn't get a great grade so I retook it ...that wasted a year. I just took the Teas did decent and went to apply to the nursing program and they said my accuplacer scores were expired. I've taken the math portion three times and cannot pass it. I already took the math classes in NC but they won't accept them here they said they don't transfer. Now I don't know what to do. If I try to get into the next math class that will be spring semester then I apply for fall and get in next January to clinicals (a year and a half away!). Or do I enroll with all my prereqs to University of Central Missouri take the remainder of the classes that they want( 2 semesters) and then apply to nursing school. I'm so confused. I don't want to be taking these classes till I'm a little old woman. Advice?

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This is a personal choice that we cannot make for you. It is up to you, if you want to get your BSN right off that bat or wait and do your ADN.

BSN will generally give you more opportunities for jobs as a new grad then an ADN, but it is also much more expensive to do it all at once.

Again though, this is a personal choice you have to make, not us.


To add to what Annie has said --- Your situation is not going to magically change thus figure out how to make the best of it... I would go ahead and take the math course that the CC requires and also start taking the general education courses that a BSN would require.... then as RN programs start having their application cycles apply to those in which you meet the requirements.. Best case you get accepted to the ADN program next year and already have a handful (if not most) of your general education courses for a BSN completed..

And trust me -- tuition generally goes up every year, so you can actually save money by taking those university courses while you are waiting on the ADN program acceptance.

Best of luck.

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