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  1. How do you deal with your charge nurse who tells you to “watch the patient” when you should be speaking with the doctor to report changes? My charge has more experience than I (me 8 years, her 20+) . But I believe she has forgotten that a part of our jobs is to monitor and report changes in patients. I know some issues could wait until morning/next shift, but some should be addressed, immediately. The oncoming nurses ask me, "why didn't you call the MD or does the MD know?" I've also posted situations here in the past and the census was to RRT the patient or call the MD. I need some advice on how to approach this. I don't think she is real receptive to anything I have to say because she's got more experience than I do. And that ego is out of control. Should I tell my manager? She's new and seems to be receptive to discussion. Though I know when I DO NEED HELP, she'll hang me out to dry if I bring this to my managers attention.
  2. painmeds

    new onset afib

  3. painmeds

    Why are so many nurses against unions?

    the union at my facility seem to protect/benefit the seniors only. as a new EXPERIENCED nurse, i get screwed on my schedule, assignments, and call-off rotation.
  4. painmeds

    medical spanish courses/classes

    anybody ever taken a medical spanish course? details, links, etc... was it beneficial? online vs in classroom? some direction please. and thanks. my spanish is super basic.
  5. painmeds

    staffing policies

    Been a nurse for a couple of years but I do not have experience with an on-call, overstaffed, standby policy before. Only worked at 2 hospitals with this being 1 of the 2. I have worked at this hospital for almost a year now and the staffing department does not adhere to protocol. We have a log that shows who floated where and when, but the staffing log is not available to staff nurses; meaning, there’s no transparency here. I don’t want to go into detail about how what is going on or how I uncovered it because I know employees at my facility are active on allnurses and I do not want to be retaliated against. Frankly speaking, I want to know if there is anybody outside of the hospital I could give a “call” to? The charge nurses, managers, even our union is aware of what is happening. Maybe I should just find another hospital to work at? At 1 year in, 7 of my colleagues have left. I live in Northern California so finding work will not be difficult. Unfortunately, I moved a block away from the hospital when I was hired.
  6. Thanks in advance for reading… Any benefits for working consecutive days/nights? I am working every other or 2-3 day splits. The other day, I did a 3 day stretch... What I notice is if you get your patients back you cared for the previous day, you can spot a change/any changes.
  7. painmeds

    Being a target by a coworker.

    Hi all. Thanks in advance for reading. Without getting into too much detail, I work nocs and I believe the days charge nurse is targeting me. I do not have ANY issues with other staff RNs or charges. The assistant manager told me to “be careful” around her. We are friends outside of work. She has filed a couple of incident reports against me. Some of which are completely fabricated. I have been a telemetry nurse for 7 years and this is a first. I am a newer employee at this hospital and she has been there for 20+ years. Do I seek human resources or the union for assistance? I approached the director for advice and she told me to “talk to her.” I feel that isn’t appropriate because she is already documenting against me. I am planning to transfer to the ICU in a year. Should I just leave it alone? Thanks again?
  8. painmeds

    mixing pain medications with a flush

    had a nurse tell me i need to dilute the 1mg of dilaudid i am pushing into a PICC line, because "it's too close to the heart"... another 1 told me it will drop the blood pressure alot, if you give it "straight up"
  9. painmeds

    mixing pain medications with a flush

    i was always taught this... mixing my morphine OR dilaudid in a 10 cc flush and push into patient. a patient asked me, why is that necessary? i couldn't explain. also, i've gotten orders before to dilute (mix with flush) and to DO NOT dilute (draw and give) form the pharmacy. if i dilute OR NOT dilute the medication, is this a medication error on my part?

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