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  1. painmeds

    Being a target by a coworker.

    Hi all. Thanks in advance for reading. Without getting into too much detail, I work nocs and I believe the days charge nurse is targeting me. I do not have ANY issues with other staff RNs or charges. The assistant manager told me to “be careful” around her. We are friends outside of work. She has filed a couple of incident reports against me. Some of which are completely fabricated. I have been a telemetry nurse for 7 years and this is a first. I am a newer employee at this hospital and she has been there for 20+ years. Do I seek human resources or the union for assistance? I approached the director for advice and she told me to “talk to her.” I feel that isn’t appropriate because she is already documenting against me. I am planning to transfer to the ICU in a year. Should I just leave it alone? Thanks again?
  2. painmeds

    mixing pain medications with a flush

    had a nurse tell me i need to dilute the 1mg of dilaudid i am pushing into a PICC line, because "it's too close to the heart"... another 1 told me it will drop the blood pressure alot, if you give it "straight up"
  3. painmeds

    mixing pain medications with a flush

    i was always taught this... mixing my morphine OR dilaudid in a 10 cc flush and push into patient. a patient asked me, why is that necessary? i couldn't explain. also, i've gotten orders before to dilute (mix with flush) and to DO NOT dilute (draw and give) form the pharmacy. if i dilute OR NOT dilute the medication, is this a medication error on my part?