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rose5 has 1 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Cardiac RN.

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  1. Urgent Care?

    Hi guys! I am looking for some advice about maybe moving toward an urgent care clinic ! I'm a new nurse (about to hit my 1 year mark) and have been working on a cardiac/med-surg floor at a hospital. I love the people and teamwork on my floor, but I a...
  2. Summer 2021 ATL Nurse Residency Programs

    I know I was shocked, but it was really great that they let you know so quick - no overthinking your answers or a super long wait! And yes - I accepted an offer on the cardiac floor and am so excited! ? Everyone was super nice too!
  3. Summer 2021 ATL Nurse Residency Programs

    I interviewed with Northside Cherokee last week and they gave me 48 hours to accept an offer! They called me two hours after the interview, so make sure to keep your phone near you after yours!
  4. I really need some advice - I am about to graduate nursing school in May and was just offered a job on either a Pulmonary/General Medicine floor or a Cardiology floor at the same hospital (yay!)... BUT, I have no idea which one to choose! I've ...
  5. Summer 2021 ATL Nurse Residency Programs

    Hi there! I'm planning on applying to Northside and Piedmont. My top choice is PCU!
  6. So my nursing school just went fully online for the rest of the semester, cancelling all clinicals and replacing them with "online sims" amid this COVID-19 crisis. I'm very disappointed that we will not be able to continue with clinicals as I was not...
  7. Augusta University BSN Fall 2019

    Hey guys! Has anyone heard from Augusta recently? I submitted my app Nov. 11th but have yet to hear anything.. wondering if anyone else is in the same boat!
  8. Augusta University BSN Fall 2019

    Hmm okay! Did you send your transcripts to Augusta University in addition to NursingCAS? Maybe that's where I went wrong!
  9. Augusta University BSN Fall 2019

    Have you guys had any luck checking your application status? Every time I try to view it I get an error message!
  10. Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    Hey guys! I will graduate with a BS in Health Promotion this upcoming May... do you guys know which "area of study" on the application I should choose in this case? I'm interested in the Pre-Specialty-Master's program but all the different area of st...