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Nursing School and COVID-19

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So my nursing school just went fully online for the rest of the semester, cancelling all clinicals and replacing them with "online sims" amid this COVID-19 crisis. I'm very disappointed that we will not be able to continue with clinicals as I was not able to get to the OB and pediatric clinicals that were later in the semester. Now I am worried that this will impact my nursing education and skills that I will need in the future as I had about 5 weeks of clinicals left. I know it had to be done and this is just such an unprecedented situation... I guess I just needed to vent a little bit. But, I'm just curious as to how other schools are handling this situation? How have you all been impacted by this?

Our classes have gone online with the exception of testing which we still have to come onto campus for. The plan is to have us in a very large room and kept sitting 6 feet apart. As of right now our clinicals and precepting are still being held, even in the major local hospitals with confirmed COVID-19 cases. We (as a class) have mixed feelings about it, but mostly just want to get through to graduation in May.

Same here, even our classes took to online completely after Covid-19 pandemic. It is interesting and scary at same time

I'm in an ADN program in Texas. All of our classes, including clinicals, have been moved online. They're still working out the details as to how this will work, but most people are just glad to be continuing at all. Some schools are cancelling classes altogether.

I am an LPN student in NYS, about 30 minutes from the city. I attend a BOCES program which has been closed for two weeks starting 3/15. We have been doing distance learning and virtual clinical simulation, to count as hours for the board. All of us are worried about graduation, which is in June, as well as preparing for the NCLEX. I am completely with you! Disappointed that we are not getting the clinical hours and class time.

Is anyone else in the same boat? Unsure what the plan is but hoping for the best? I hope that at least in NYS they count all of our course work to qualify hours for the exam.

I honestly believe that after a few weeks, they should allow nursing students to volunteer hours in hospitals and clinics which could count towards clinical time. Not only would it be beneficial in terms of hands-on learning but also help nurses and other health care members who are exhausted.

Our program director and instructors are providing as much information as they can. None of us can predict the future but it would be interesting to get other nursing student's or professional's opinions in this regard.

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I'm a senior nursing student, and our classes were moved online. We only had one week of class left (the final exam), and it was moved to online for this Monday. We had two clinicals left and they will be sims, followed by a Zoom meeting with our instructor. Our last lab will also be a Zoom meeting. We will have to do our ATI Comprehensive exam online as well, but there is no date yet.

We were supposed to come to campus, and just be split into small groups, but here in Pittsburgh and all of PA non life-sustaining businesses were ordered to close for two weeks. Thankfully, we have three clinical sites who will take us for preceptorship. Our pinning ceremony was postponed, but it looks like we'll be able to graduate at least. I feel terrible for the other classes missing out on all of their clinical opportunities. I'm devastated that I won't get to celebrate the two years of hard work put into graduating with my friends and family, but so grateful we can still finish our program on time.

I'm in an accelerated 18 RN program in NYC, and just before I was about to begin my 1st clinical school was closed and we transitioned to distance learning. I made it through that semester with online clinical through swiftriver. Currently in my 3rd semester with two more to go and I'm petrifed that I will complete nursing school without having ever gone to a real clinical. I know I wouldn't be prepared enough. I wonder how that will affect me when it's time to apply for a job.