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  1. lauren9763

    Transfer Student? Nursing School?

    Hello, I am a freshman at college and am deciding if I want to pursue nursing school. Because the school I am currently at is a little far from home and other reasons, I might transfer to somewhere closer. Does being a transfer student affect my chances of getting into nursing school? Will the program be harder for me? Thanks
  2. lauren9763

    sonographer or nurse?

    hello, I am a psych major and am considering pursuing medical sonography. Would I need to change my major to like bio or something if I wanted to do that? Also, can someone help me understand what I need to do to become a med sonographer? thanks
  3. lauren9763

    LPN vs CNA??

    Hello, I am a psych major and am very interested in both psych and nursing. However, I am debating on getting my certification to be an LPN. What is the difference, job and pay wise, between being a CNA and an LPN? Which would allow me to be in the psych ward or obsterics?? Please help!!
  4. lauren9763

    PLEASE HELP! Lost on my career path

    Thank you for your response! When I was getting my CNA, my teacher told me I was stupid and said I would never succeed as a nurse so it is weighing heavily on my mind.The whole thing was a mess and we had to get the school board involved and I felt hopeless. Because of this, I am incredibly scared of failing again in nursing school.
  5. hello! I am a freshman in college and am going in as a psych major but ultimately want to do nursing. I didnt go in as a nursing major because I am interested in psychology and might want to do my nursing in a psych ward. So, i was planning to get my BS in psych and then get my accelerated BSN to get my nursing license. But I dont know if that is the best path for me or if i should major in something else! I also tried to get my CNA but there was problems with my teacher so I had to drop out and now I dont know if nursing school is even an option. PLEASE HELP IM SO LOST