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  1. Weekday Only Positions

    I am considering becoming a single mom by choice. I currently work full-time as an inpatient bedside nurse and enjoy my job. Unfortunately, it seems that childcare centers are only open Monday through Friday and I would have to pay a babysitter an ho...
  2. Weekday Only Positions

    Hi Sour Lemon, thanks for your reply. I have four years experience with PCU and ICU patients. The flex program at my hospital would let me make my own schedule, but I would not be eligible for PTO or benefits. Otherwise I have seen ads for ambulatory...
  3. Any second degree students do a BSN?

    I did the BSN as a second degree. A lot of hospital systems will pay for you to get your BSN once you are an employee. I would have saved a lot of money if I had known that myself. I definitely work with more associates degree nurses at my hospital. ...
  4. Beaten down newer nurse please help!

    I had a really hard time at my first job. I feel like once you become more confident and experienced, rudeness or pettiness from other staff doesn't matter as much. I focused on becoming a competent nurse instead of problems with other staff and chan...