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I am considering becoming a single mom by choice. I currently work full-time as an inpatient bedside nurse and enjoy my job. Unfortunately, it seems that childcare centers are only open Monday through Friday and I would have to pay a babysitter an hourly rate to cover my weekend shifts. Have any of you encountered positions that don't require weekend rotations? Thanks in advance for sharing!

That would be pretty rare for a hospital, bedside position. If you list your area and years of experience, maybe someone will have alternate suggestions?

Even my per diem job requires some weekends and holidays. When I worked full time, I actually preferred to work weekends, so the nurses I worked with got most weekends off ...it wasn't a guaranteed thing for them, though.

Hi Sour Lemon, thanks for your reply. I have four years experience with PCU and ICU patients. The flex program at my hospital would let me make my own schedule, but I would not be eligible for PTO or benefits. Otherwise I have seen ads for ambulatory surgical centers and doctors offices that offer Monday through Friday scheduling. Home health nursing may be an option. Just wondering if there are options that I didn't know about in other settings or hospital systems.

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