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Kahalaukane is a MSN, RN, NP and specializes in Family.

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  1. Kahalaukane

    Additional Training? Certifications?

    Hi everyone, I am a new grad FNP in CA and waiting for the BRN to process my paperwork. In the meantime I was thinking I could do some additional training to get certified in. Does anyone have any recommendations? I have lined up a training session for joint injections, suturing, I&Ds, etc. Any other recommendations? Thanks in advance!
  2. Kahalaukane

    Board Reviews and Studying

    Hi everyone, I am a recent FNP graduate and am looking for some opinions on the board review courses. In discussing the board review options currently available (Leik, Hollier, Fitzgerald, Berkley, Etc.) with my colleagues, I commonly encounter dissatisfaction with the material. They state they didn't retain much information after boards, or did not like the presentation of the material. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to better utilize or access information to effectively study? Any suggestions on what methods would better suit your learning in regards to topics and time?
  3. Kahalaukane

    Did you feel prepared after graduation?

    I am a recent grad of a FNP program in CA, and I have been talking with a variety of experienced and new grad FNPs about their experience coming out of school and starting practice. Most of them have expressed feeling inadequate in understanding their professional role, liability, employment contracts and malpractice insurance. These were topics I never discussed in my program and have been studying on my own time to try to understand. Another common concern was the inability to recall information effectively, and the need for additional reviews after studying for boards. I personally found the Fitzgerald, Hollier and Leik reviews helpful, however, I cant say that I retained much useful information. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on how the reviews could be better utilized for students and new graduates? Looking for ways to improve the overall process of transitioning from a RN to a Nurse Practitioner.