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  1. So I just recently graduated nursing school, passed NCLEX-RN, and landed a new graduate residency position in the ortho trauma unit. I don't start until later in November, so I was just wondering if there were any resources and materials I could be reading up on prior to starting to help me be more successful? Thanks in advance!
  2. Jace_b7

    Advice for New Grad

    So I just recently graduated nursing school and I am looking for some advice. My goal is to pursue ICU nursing and as most places don't hire new grads straight into the unit, I have a couple of options to choose from. I am interested in the Ortho Trauma unit at a hospital that is a level I adult trauma center. However, I am worried that this will not be sufficient enough to help me get into the ICU. Should I go for a general med/surg or tele floor instead? Thanks!
  3. It is getting about that time to start applying for jobs as my graduation date creeps closer, I was wondering what kind of attire is suitable for job interviews for a male nurse? We were told of course "business casual", but I am curious as to what interviewers like to see (e.g., jacket or just a button-up and ideal colors). Thanks in advance!
  4. Jace_b7

    BSN Criterion for CNRA Programs?

    I am graduating with my ADN this August and it is time for me to embark on my RN-BSN academic journey. I aspire to enroll into a CRNA program in the years to come, however, I was just curious if there are any specific criteria that CRNA programs require that I should be cautious about when choosing an online RN-BSN program, aside from being CCNE accredited? I know that CRNA programs probably vary in terms of what they require for acceptance, I am just looking for some insight to help me choose a BSN program that will not hinder my chances of CRNA school. Thanks!
  5. Jace_b7

    Thoughts on a new grad RN going straight to ICU?

    Wow, thank you so much for the insight! Very much appreciated.
  6. Jace_b7

    Thoughts on a new grad RN going straight to ICU?

    Thank you for the response. I would 100% any day of the week rather be safe than sorry when it comes to these subject matters. I was just "brain picking" for some unbiased answers.
  7. Jace_b7

    Thoughts on a new grad RN going straight to ICU?

    I appreciate the response!
  8. Jace_b7

    Thoughts on a new grad RN going straight to ICU?

    I can say I have heard exactly those same words! There is one hospital in my area that does hire new grads straight into ICU, however, the orientation aspect I hear is not that long. Thank you for your input!
  9. I am currently a nursing student that is set to graduate in August 2020, as time is approaching to be sort of gauging on where I potentially would like to work and considering my long-term nursing career goals, I am seeking opinions on whether or not a new graduate RN should get a job in an ICU. I have some professors telling me going into ICU straight out of school is not a big deal, and then I have been told the complete opposite. I can very much understand the rationale of not jumping straight into ICU, however, I am looking for more thoughts pertaining to this as it seems to be a very debatable topic.