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BSN Criterion for CNRA Programs?

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I am graduating with my ADN this August and it is time for me to embark on my RN-BSN academic journey. I aspire to enroll into a CRNA program in the years to come, however, I was just curious if there are any specific criteria that CRNA programs require that I should be cautious about when choosing an online RN-BSN program, aside from being CCNE accredited? I know that CRNA programs probably vary in terms of what they require for acceptance, I am just looking for some insight to help me choose a BSN program that will not hinder my chances of CRNA school.


It really does not matter. You will be fine, no matter where you choose. Maybe, MAYBE, you stand a slightly better chance getting your BSN from the same school in which you desire to attend for CRNA, but probably not.

Just make sure your BSN program awards letter grades (and of course is accredited). There are BSN programs out there that award Pass/Fail degrees, equivalent to a 3.0 GPA. That would pull down your GPA for admission to anesthesia school and make you less competitive.