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Interview Attire for New Grad Male Nurse?

by Jace_b7 Jace_b7 (New) New

It is getting about that time to start applying for jobs as my graduation date creeps closer, I was wondering what kind of attire is suitable for job interviews for a male nurse? We were told of course "business casual", but I am curious as to what interviewers like to see (e.g., jacket or just a button-up and ideal colors).

Thanks in advance!

Enarra, BSN, RN

Specializes in Ambulatory Primary Care. Has 9 years experience.

I believe that interview attire is business suit and tie and polished n clean black shoes. No scents other than deodorant. Colors are: Charcoal, navy blue, black. Business causal is too wide and open to interpretation. I have always worn a skirt suit or pant suit In those colors to interviews.

It’s OK to be on the formal side but not if you’re dressed too causally. Best of luck!

Definitely suit and tie. I don't know who told you business casual but they are either wrong or don't know what business casual means. Stick with something conservative and nothing too flashy or out there in terms of style of color as Enarra mentioned. I would also suggest a professional looking watch as well. I don't know that it would make that much of a difference but I have had interviewers comment positively on it and I think it subtly makes you look just a little more professional and put together.