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  1. sophiemer642

    How Much was your First RN Paycheck?

    I'm just wondering. I'm not trying to get in nursing for the money, but I have heard a lot of other nurses complain about how low their income was as a new nurse.
  2. sophiemer642

    HESI A2 in 1 hour

    How did you do? I take it in January and I'm already scared.
  3. I have hard that California nursing programs are very competitive (not to scare you), so I think that you should try retaking the class if the school allows you to. Having a competitive GPA is important, especially if the competition for nursing school is crazy in your area.
  4. sophiemer642

    Final Pre-Nursing Schedule

    Hello everyone! This is my schedule for the Spring 2020. It will be my last semester of taking pre-nursing classes. Principles of Biology with Lab American History or Intro to Government Elements of Nutrition Intro to Literature Critical Thinking in Nursing Pharmacology Total Credit Hours: 18 I have no job or any kids, but I do think that this schedule is pretty intimidating. It will be my hardest schedule that I will take in pre-nursing, but I do think I can do it. Any concerns or advice would be helpful!
  5. sophiemer642


    Hello everyone! I am thinking about becoming a CRNA and applying to FIU. To the accepted applicants, did you guys have extra science courses such as organic chemistry or biology? Thanks! :)
  6. sophiemer642

    What should I do?

    You should honestly go with the good teacher and join another club. Do not miss any lectures! I'm pretty sure there are tons of other clubs and organizations that you could join at your school.
  7. sophiemer642

    Is this a reasonable schedule?

    Hello everyone! I just made my Fall 2019 schedule, and it looks like this. A&P II with Lab Microbiology with Lab Statistics Medical Terminology Intro to Literature I have no kids and I will not be working during this time. All of the classes are 16 weeks long. The only reason why I think I can do this is because I took A&P I with chemistry, college algebra, and a health class and managed to get As in all of the classes. If any of you have ever taken a similar course load please let me know how that went for you.
  8. sophiemer642

    Pre-Nursing Students: KEEP ON GOING

    I know that Anatomy class is kicking your butt. Studying for that Microbiology exam is making you burst into tears. I know that everyone is telling you that nursing schools are SUPER competitive to get into and you're worried if you're good enough to get in. Listen. We can do this. Becoming a nurse is never easy because the lives of your patients will be in your hands. Many people have become nurses. If they can do it, that means we can do it to. With that being said, you have to work hard to get into nursing school. Stop being lazy. Put in the effort to achieve good grades in your classes. If you know you have a huge exam tomorrow, don't go to a huge party the day before. Your GPA is important, so you have to put the effort to keep it up. Stop listening to all the negative comments from other people. Some people are just extremely toxic and they do not want to see you succeed. Block out all the negativity and KEEP ON GOING.
  9. sophiemer642

    LPN or ADN or BSN?

    I do not think you should get any student loan debt at all when you have the option of becoming a nurse for free. Trust me, you do not want 30k or 15k in student loan debt. Yes, becoming an LPN first does mean that it will take you a little longer to get your BSN, but there is nothing wrong with that, especially if you're saving money. I wish you the best!
  10. sophiemer642

    The Nursing School to Welfare Pipeline

    I honestly think that if you do not go to an overpriced school, you should not be in that much debt. For example, I am completing my pre-requisites at a community college and I will also be getting my RN degree there. So far, absolutely no debt. A lot of people, from what I've seen, that go to private nursing schools and accumulate so much debt are the ones that did not have a competitive GPA. You need to be smart about the choices you make. I do not care about what anyone has to say about getting my degree from a community college. My community college also has a RN-BSN program which is so much cheaper than getting a BSN at a university or a private school.
  11. sophiemer642


    Hey there! I took Chemistry, Anatomy 1 with Lab, and College Algebra all at the same time and managed to get an A in all of them. I do not have a job or children. Time management is the biggest thing. You have to know how to manage your time. You cannot be on your phone texting and being on social media all the time. You have to learn how to say "no" to people sometimes. I'm not saying you should be studying 24/7, but you need to devote a lot of time to your studies. Also, find out how you learn best. Flashcards was perfect for me for Anatomy 1 Lab, but the the lecture, there was too much information, so I found using flashcards was pointless. For Anatomy lecture, I would record my professor while he was lecturing (with his permission), and then I would listen to it after school and fill in my notes with any information that I missed. It all comes down to how you manage your time and your work ethic.
  12. sophiemer642

    RN to BSN

    Hello there! I was talking about the BSN program offered at Palm Beach State College. It is located in Florida, and I believe the program is fully online. Hope this helps! :)
  13. sophiemer642

    APII + Micro in Summer

    Hello everyone! I am a prenursing student trying to get my prerequisites out of the way as fast as possible. I do not have kids, will not be working, and have no other major responsibilities that should keep me from putting 100% into these courses. I have also taken API, Chemistry, College Algebra, and a health class (got all As), which is why I think I might be able to do this. The nursing school I am applying to is very competitive, so I want the highest grades possible. Is this doable over the summer? If any of you have done this or something similar, what was your experience? Thank you!!!
  14. sophiemer642

    PBSC RN Nursing Program Fall 2019

    I know that it might be really early starting this thread, but I am already panicking about getting into PBSC's nursing program. I'm also worried about the getting a good score on the HESI.