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Pre-Nursing Students: KEEP ON GOING

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I know that Anatomy class is kicking your butt. Studying for that Microbiology exam is making you burst into tears. I know that everyone is telling you that nursing schools are SUPER competitive to get into and you're worried if you're good enough to get in.

Listen. We can do this. Becoming a nurse is never easy because the lives of your patients will be in your hands. Many people have become nurses. If they can do it, that means we can do it to.

With that being said, you have to work hard to get into nursing school. Stop being lazy. Put in the effort to achieve good grades in your classes. If you know you have a huge exam tomorrow, don't go to a huge party the day before. Your GPA is important, so you have to put the effort to keep it up.

Stop listening to all the negative comments from other people. Some people are just extremely toxic and they do not want to see you succeed. Block out all the negativity and KEEP ON GOING.

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