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  1. Has anyone been involved in an active investigation for charting errors and what was the outcome with the BON?
  2. SD152420

    Attendance forms

    I will do what I have to do to keep my license, but 3 a week for 3 years seems like a lot. Though all of this that we have to go through is a lot. The stress I am going through with this whole process actually doesn't help with recovery. Sometimes you really want to say screw it!
  3. SD152420

    Attendance forms

    I am supposed to attend AA/NA meetings 3 times a week and show evidence of a sponsor. I thought it was anonymous so how am I supposed to show evidence of a sponsor? Does anyone else have to do this?
  4. SD152420

    Self reporting?

    Thank you all for the support! I feel so alone and ashamed at what I have done. I did self report. I asked if there was anything I could do in the meantime to help save my license but I haven't heard back. I met with an EAP counselor who didn't feel I needed inpatient or outpatient therapy but instead a therapist that specializes in addiction. I was taking Roxi once a day at night for 6 months to deal escape from my alcoholic husband. We just separated and I was going to stop the Roxi but now I will probably have to take him back. I never went through any withdraws when I stopped. I am afraid the board will still make me do treatment though. I still haven't heard from the hospital and it has been almost 2 weeks.
  5. SD152420

    Self reporting?

    Yes I did admit to it. I didn't think there was anything else I could do since the hospital had more than enough evidence I was diverting.
  6. SD152420

    Self reporting?

    My employer said that they are going to press criminal charges but have not done so yet. They said they will call me when they are ready and I will have to go turn myself in and then try and post bond. They haven't said what the criminal charges will be yet. I was diverting for a couple months and they know that. This was a casual position at a hospital and I have a job during the week that is strictly doing phone calls and no medications are involved. I am hoping I can keep that job and not lose my license or have it suspended but North Carolina seems to be pretty strict so I am really worried. I don't know how I will pay for everything if I lose my license and can't have a job.
  7. SD152420

    Failed preemployment drug test in Florida

    Did you self report yourself to the board? Trying to decide for myself if I should self report.
  8. SD152420

    Self reporting?

    Any advice for self reporting? What questions do they ask? What should I not tell them? I got caught diverting and tested positive and got fired. What happens after you self report?
  9. SD152420

    Caught diverting

    I was caught diverting Roxicodone. Tested positive for it on my urine drug screen. Got fired from my job at the hospital I was working at. The told me they are going to press charges and that I need to self report. I have an attorney for the criminal charges, but do I need a separate one for the North Carolina Board of Nursing. Does anyone have any advice about self reporting or working with the board? I am terrified I am going to lose my license! I have a full time job during the week that is care management and is strictly phone calls and no medications are involved. Do I need to tell them?