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I was caught diverting Roxicodone. Tested positive for it on my urine drug screen. Got fired from my job at the hospital I was working at. The told me they are going to press charges and that I need to self report. I have an attorney for the criminal charges, but do I need a separate one for the North Carolina Board of Nursing. Does anyone have any advice about self reporting or working with the board? I am terrified I am going to lose my license! I have a full time job during the week that is care management and is strictly phone calls and no medications are involved. Do I need to tell them?

I'm pretty sure you will need a separate attorney that is familiar with dealing with the board. But honestly since you already tested positive I'm not sure how much help and attorney can give you. I do wish you luck

Most states have an alternative to discipline program. Each state operates their program differently, so I don't have any specific advise other than to check out NC's program. Here's the link:

Alternative Program (AP) | North Carolina Board of Nursing

These programs are usually the only way to avoid having anything public on your license. I would call them anonymously to find out more.

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I agree... since you tested positive I would save the money you would spend on attorney. You will need this money to meet the board's requirements in alternative discipline program. Most likely, they will require evaluation and treatment.

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I am currently in my second go around with nursing boards..I used a separate attorney the first time for the board, and quite honestly it was a waste of money. I relapsed 2 years ago and this time I did not use an attorney for either board (I am working with 2). It is definitely up to you, however, you seem to be forthcoming and that makes all the difference in the long run. As Stepper said above, you could save the expense, because believe me, there are many more expenses coming in the next several years- (assessments, drug screens, other assessments or classes the boards may require). I have been here, it's rough, but it does get better, and so will you.

Sorry to hear about your struggles. First of all, just know that your not alone and hundreds of nurses have been in your shoes....including myself. I'm waiting to hear if I will be reinstated, and I should be based on how my board hearing went. Be thankful that the hospital you worked for allowed you to self report. If they reported you it would impact how the board and/or diversion program would view your case. My personal opinion is to get both a criminal attorney and a separate attorney for addressing the board. This will simply give you "peace of mind" throughout the process. Expensive, but worth it in my opinion. Also, 100% transparency is important to your employer, but also your sanity. I don't know how severe your problem is, but for me taking a year off from nursing would have been beneficial for me. You need to work on yourself. If you don't you will relapse and end up in even bigger trouble. Trust me, I have been there. I suffered the worst possible consequences from my addiction. Spent time in jail, lost my license, integrity, respect.....everything that you are probably dealing with now. There is a road back, you just have to do the work and jump over the hurdles that the board and justice system will put in front of you. Keep in mind that some of the most skillful and knowledgeable nurses divert. It truly is a befuddling situation, I wish you the best!

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Self reporting is better than waiting for them to come to find you.

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What a nice post, well said and supportive, and on point! I couldn't agree more, it's a long road, but in the end, the journey was exactly what I needed, it's difficult to see that when you are in the "perfect storm" of your addiction and consequences.

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