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markko has 25 years experience and specializes in 911 critical care ambulance nurse.

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  1. Any nurses with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)?

    When I was 16 years old, I took an "Intro to Health Care Careers" course in high school. At age 17, I became a CNA and EMT. I worked as an EMT during my senior year in high school and got the OK to carry an EMS pager in school and was able to leave...
  2. I had a hair test come back positive for hydrocodone. I hadn't used any hydrocodone for the prior three years before then. Go figure.
  3. Relapse

    Don't report it to the nursing board. If the drug shows up in a sample later, admit it then. But, don't scuttle yourself. Deal with it in your AA or NA group and do it privately in those groups.
  4. I'm thinking about trying CBD oil for shoulder pain, but I'm worried that it'll show up in Lab Corp tests. Anyone know more than me?
  5. recovery with a side of criminal charges, anyone?

    I got two felony charges, but they were for elder abuse because I took some Tylenol #3's from elderlys' personal bottles. Had an interview with a local police officer. The DA determined the charges. I hired a lawyer, but knew what I wanted.... def...
  6. Drug test location

    Whenever I went to see my sister in Texas (I live in Wisconsin), I had to arrange for testing while there. First thing I did the first time there was to make a road trip to the test location (an hour drive in Austin!) so I knew where to go. I've ne...
  7. What made your jaw drop

    I work as a critical care nurse on a 911 ambulance. In addition to transfers, I also go on 911 emergency calls. We got called on the freeway for a Honda CRV versus a motorhome head-on with each vehicle doing about 50 mph at time of collision. I re...
  8. New Grad Nurse Arrogance

    She just proved to herself that her five foot high stack of books were appropriately memorized in order to pass 125 questions that will determine her future until she dies. Yeah. I was there in December 1993... Best Christmas present ever. It took...
  9. A little question about soap and patients

    Soap is not meant to remain on the skin. It can create rashes and irritation. In extreme situations it may lead to a localized allergic reaction.
  10. Caught diverting

    Self reporting is better than waiting for them to come to find you.
  11. Thoughts from a person with Borderline Personality Disorder

    I was hospitalized in a psych unit for 6 weeks in 1980 at age 19 for what turned out to be depression, uncontrolled anxiety, and questionable psych illness. My MMPI was a mess. It showed a little bipolar, a little borderline personality disorder, a...
  12. I would get a hair test ASAP. Repeat it in a month if the investigation is still ongoing.
  13. Can't Find A Job, Help!!!

    After a couple of years, I wrote to the judge that sentenced me and asked that my record be expunged. He ran it by the district attorney and my attorney and they agreed. So, now my record is clean.
  14. Nurse in recovery

    Long term care and dialysis tend to be recovery-friendly.
  15. Legal issues with AA or NA

    AA is not a religious program. It mentions "god" a lot, but that is a historical term used to indicate there is something greater to this world than one's self. Call it the Force, if you will. Some members of AA try to make it a religious program,...