Does CBD oil show up in drug tests?


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I'm thinking about trying CBD oil for shoulder pain, but I'm worried that it'll show up in Lab Corp tests. Anyone know more than me?


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A lot of the websites where CBD is sold cover this in their FAQ section. If you can find one that guarantees 0% THC, and then call the lab and make sure they don't test for other cannibinoids besides THC, you should be okay, *in theory* But gosh-dang it, I'm so terrified of screwing up I'd be afraid to try it.

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I wouldn't even chance it.

I wouldn't chance it either - You are required to let your monitoring board Know every medication you take or use including OTC. They would have to approve your use of CBD. Even if you didn't test positive but got caught somehow there would be repercussions.


I wouldn't even come close to chancing it. This product is not regulated so who really knows what the heck is in it.

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Don't do it. My facilitator was just discussing this topic in group. Some of the tests are still showing it as THC

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Don't do it! I got comfortable in my monitoring program. Tried it once for a headache - a friend gave it to me. Had a test the next day or two days after- something like that. Showed up positive for THC. The brand she got was from a very reputable place that also said 0% thc. Mine showed up positive on the VERY VERY low end - but that doesnt matter, it is a positive regardless. I am still kicking myself for it. Please don't do it!