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    Leave Nursing??

    I've only been a LPN for almost 3 years now. I started in nursing homes and now I am working at a GI clinic. I love the patients and everything but I don't feel like I will ever be comfortable. I feel limited and discouraged with the field. There are very few jobs for LPN's here besides nursing homes. There aren't many options for RN's either from what I see. Honestly, since nursing school I've been kind of iffy about nursing in general because nursing wasn't my first choice. I probably should've trusted my gut feeling. I'm debating on going back to get my RN or trying P.A. school. I even thought of radiology tech. If anybody understands what I mean or has left nursing successfully and has any advice about it would really help. I'm so lost!
  2. Tellis17

    Help! LPN to RN

    I'm struggling trying to decide what's the best school to go to. Any opinions or suggestions would really help!
  3. Tellis17

    Lpn to Rn route

    Most schools require you to at least have a year. Prcc is the only program that I know of that doesn't really require experience.