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I've only been a LPN for almost 3 years now. I started in nursing homes and now I am working at a GI clinic. I love the patients and everything but I don't feel like I will ever be comfortable. I feel limited and discouraged with the field. There are very few jobs for LPN's here besides nursing homes. There aren't many options for RN's either from what I see. Honestly, since nursing school I've been kind of iffy about nursing in general because nursing wasn't my first choice. I probably should've trusted my gut feeling. I'm debating on going back to get my RN or trying P.A. school. I even thought of radiology tech. If anybody understands what I mean or has left nursing successfully and has any advice about it would really help. I'm so lost!

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Well if after three years you don't like being and LPN I doubt if you'd like being an RN any better. Unless you know the expanded job opportunities include something you think you might enjoy doing as a nurse why throw your money toward a degree when you already know you don't like the career? If you are seriously considering going back to school at least wait until you know what you want to do. I can't recommend going into student loan debt until you know that you will end up with the degree you really want at the end. Unfortunately nobody on an internet forum can really tell you what to do. Good luck with your decision!

Look at USAjobs.gov, their are positions for LPNs in clinics etc. 3 years of experience is plenty for some of the positions.

I'd say you need to branch out and experience different areas of nursing. I have been working as an RPN for 3 years as well and in that time I have found areas of nursing that I truly hated, but I gained knowledge and experience from those positions which has enabled me to truly find an area of great interest. These are the areas I have have the opportunity to explore as a career option:



Med surge floor

Operating room


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I dont have any problems getting a job.what is your skill level?

Second , if you dont like being a nurse why would you even bother going for your rn or pa?Maybe medical field isnt for you in general.


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I have no idea which state you are in, but after 3 years, you have enough experience to do travel nursing. You only have to go at least 50 miles from your home address, which isn't far if you have a family. I think it's something to look into. Change of environment, great pay, short assignments unless you want to renew. Before I got my license I was a CNA at a VA hospital. When I got my LVN I started training at a VA clinic and I just didn't like it. I quit after 2 weeks. Then I did 3 months as a med nurse in a nursing home. Still not a good fit. FINALLY, I started working as a school nurse during the day and then as a home health nurse at night for medically fragile children. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I didn't even like kids before I started working with them. On the waiting list to get my RN, but I absolutely LOVE what I do as an LVN. Just try something different before you give up.