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  1. oohhjamila

    Leave Nursing??

    I have no idea which state you are in, but after 3 years, you have enough experience to do travel nursing. You only have to go at least 50 miles from your home address, which isn't far if you have a family. I think it's something to look into. Change of environment, great pay, short assignments unless you want to renew. Before I got my license I was a CNA at a VA hospital. When I got my LVN I started training at a VA clinic and I just didn't like it. I quit after 2 weeks. Then I did 3 months as a med nurse in a nursing home. Still not a good fit. FINALLY, I started working as a school nurse during the day and then as a home health nurse at night for medically fragile children. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I didn't even like kids before I started working with them. On the waiting list to get my RN, but I absolutely LOVE what I do as an LVN. Just try something different before you give up.