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  1. LPNTORN704

    Why aren't RN's payed as much as doctors?

    Get off my post please thank you
  2. LPNTORN704

    Why aren't RN's payed as much as doctors?

    And you are an emotionally and mentally immature lady in a toddler's body. You had the option to go to another post yet decided to stay here and troll.Get a life go crochet some blankets .
  3. LPNTORN704

    Why aren't RN's payed as much as doctors?

    Oh you certainly are dear
  4. LPNTORN704

    Why aren't RN's payed as much as doctors?

    First of all you do not determine what is considered rude to me.I determine that and out of respect if she had an issue with my post she couldve gone to another.i dont need you on my post telling me how to "feel". So again, you can leave too.good bye
  5. LPNTORN704

    Does the BSN in 10 apply to all nurses or just RN's and why?

    Ok didnt know that because here they do the same thing although the adn is going back for their bsn.my friend is an adn in an operating room with bsn nurses.
  6. LPNTORN704

    Why aren't RN's payed as much as doctors?

    Thank you!! A person that understands they deserve better. I dont know what's with the insecure individuals above in the comments.
  7. LPNTORN704

    Why aren't RN's payed as much as doctors?

    Hey honey, just because you aren't smart enough to take on responsibility,insecure, and have low standards dont brush that nonsense over here. Work on your self esteem before commenting on my post. You have the brain of a housekeeper . I hope english isn't your first language.
  8. Honestly, I think Rn's should be payed as much as doctors. I cant count how many times the RN was the brains of the operations especially when doctors make errors. The rn does the hands on,the paper work,and over see patients as well as other nurses .Anyone else feel the same?
  9. Does the bsn in 10 apply to all nurses or just rn and why?
  10. LPNTORN704

    LIES About LPN's and LVN's

    Yes ,I prefer not to have all that responsibility tbh. My boss I love to death is an rn case manager. She taught me all the skills I know but I dont want her job for nothing .I'm fine being an lpn behind the scenes where I can truly interact with patients and family.
  11. LPNTORN704

    LIES About LPN's and LVN's

    Not defensive, I think you guys missed the entire point of her post. No, I do not work in acute/ long term care.
  12. LPNTORN704

    LIES About LPN's and LVN's

    I really didnt have to try hard to get you bent out of shape,lol. I'm just stating the obvious "you do not speak for any institution." Backfire ,Where? If anything it BACKFIRED on you .
  13. LPNTORN704

    Gonna Quit: When Nursing Is Rough...

    Nursing is just too much, period.High stress level,too many clients,too much politics,heavy work load,and drama.Ill keep up my nursing license but I plan to work elsewhere. Nursing is not worth my peace and sanity when there are plenty of other jobs in the medical field
  14. I am currently an LPN and thought about going for my RN but having second Thoughts. As an Lpn I'm already sick of patients,their families,politics in nursing,stress level, and long hours. People often glamorize nursing for reasons I don't understand. I am currently looking into the following professions: 1.social work 2. Physical therapy 3.Speech therapy 4.occupational therapy 5.geriatric case management Any other recommendations or anyone in the same boat
  15. LPNTORN704

    Am I the *******?

    I understand how you feel and I've gotten to the point where I'm looking into other professions.Too much politics in nursing,stress, and will ware you down.Im looking into social work,speech pathology,occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Also ,case management.