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  1. NCLEX Review Programs

    First off, congratulations!! How many questions did you get? & thanks for that info, I'll be looking for that coupon. The 3 phases does that all happen with the 3 days they designate? Since I failed my NCLEX, I have to wait at least 45 days ...
  2. NCLEX Review Programs

    Recently took (&failed) the NCLEX-RN for the first time so now I am looking live tutoring/review services. I am looking at 3 different programs but I am unable to find any reviews from people who went through these programs (other than the review...
  3. De Anza College Nursing 2018

    For Fall 2019, has anyone received acceptance emails? She said they would go out today and no later than the 19th by mail but also know how the dates change sometimes. I'm pretty sure I'll be selected based off the current waitlist online but idk re...
  4. De Anza College Nursing 2018

    Can you post a link of the slide or tell me how to get to it, please? I tried googling but nothing is coming up about De Anza shutting down the nursing program. What exactly has been "going around"? Thanks so much.
  5. DeAnza College 2018

    Hello, I have a question to those who have attended/are attending the nursing program at De Anza college. I am currently on the wait list but I wanted to know if anyone could provide me with a schedule of courses. For example, what courses we take t...
  6. De Anza College Nursing 2018

    To Prospective Nursing Students, In the hope of maintaining closer currency with prerequisite courses and subsequent success within the Nursing Program, the DeAnza College Nursing Faculty has decided to change the "Deferment Policy." First: This mean...
  7. De Anza College Nursing 2018

    FYI, an email was just sent out regarding a change in policy. Make sure to read the email, very important!
  8. De Anza College Nursing 2018

    @Bcasiano Do they tell you what number you were out of the 20 students they picked? I want to see where they left off to pick for the next quarter. Thanks!
  9. De Anza College Nursing 2018

    I just checked the website and the waiting list is still not updated. I did receive a letter in the mail, late May, letting me know of my Wait List ID & position #. I am number 218, so I am estimating my start date as Fall 2019 or Winter 2020 (ap...