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    I got in! Now what?

    So, I have been working towards nursing school just over 10 years. Something always came up right before applying. I did obtain two degrees while waiting though. This time I changed a lot in my personal life, got to the application process, nailed the interview, and was accepted! I’ve got roughly a month and a half before school starts and will be taking fundamentals, clinical, lecture, and A&P 2 the first semester. I’ve got all my recommended supplies and have done the standard checklist of things like background check, drug test, etc. I’m getting married in a week so my focus has been all on that but after I’m ready to figure out what to start doing in order to prep for the overwhelming journey ahead. I have school aged children and a very supportive future hubby. They take up a lot of my time so maybe tips on how to get them to be less dependent on me. Study tips? Planning tips? In general I am just stoked to finally be starting nursing school. Thanks in advance!