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    New-York-licensed-NP practicing as RN

    What are the rules/expectations of a FNP practicing as a RN in an acute care hospital in New York? I have heard that NP's practicing as a RN will be held to their highest level of incomplete/completed education and/or licensure, but that it depends on the state. Are NP's in NY then expected to diagnose or be held liable for a misdiagnosis if they are employed as a RN in an acute care hospital? I'm not entirely sure what the limits and expectations are if a NP wanted to do part time RN work, or if they decide to let their NP license expire so that they can go back to a RN career.
  2. NewADNnurse2018

    Two Jobs: Full-time night, Part-time day

    Is it reasonable and prevalent for nurses to take on two jobs: one full-time night shift position (3-4 shifts/wk), and one part-time day shift (2 shifts/week)? I expect to schedule my part-time position around the full-time job. Is it expected that I informed my supervisor regarding this? To give you context: I am single without children, and blessed with a ton of debt.
  3. NewADNnurse2018

    NP Worries

    Hi all! I am a current RN interested in FNP or AGNP school. I am open to working with all population groups but I don't have much background in peds- so I'm not sure if I'm cut out to be a FNP. I love kids but I'm afraid of incorrectly managing a peds patient. I have been told that many NP schools teach more about theory rather than how to diagnose or practical NP skills- is this true? Do you feel that your NP school prepared you adequately to be a NP? Is it similar to RN nursing school where most of the curriculum is teaching you pathophysiology and how to answer NCLEX questions- rather than how to be a nurse (if there is even a way to teach that)? I'm very interested but concerned that I will graduate NP school without much practical knowledge in diagnoses, medications, and general disease management. I know many nurses say that the curriculum is built on their current RN experience/exposure but I have only been a bedside RN for a year. I suppose I am mostly afraid of misdiagnosis or litigation issues relevant to that. I'm also based in NYC and is open to any comments about good FNP/AGNP programs in the tristate area. Currently looking at Downstate, Stonybrook, NYU- has anyone heard any reviews about those the NP programs in those schools? I appreciate any and all advice anyone can offer! Thank you!
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    NP Worries

    @LadyT618, thank you so much for your reply! I really appreciate it. I suppose getting more RN experience does make sense before becoming an NP. I have heard somewhere that NP's are faced with more litigation issues than MD/DO's due to misdiagnosis, but it is reassuring to hear that there are some great NP programs out there that adequately prepares their providers. Thanks!
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    Anyone applying to Stonybrook FNP for summer 2020?

    Stonybrook requires 3 recommendations. The website says that it needs to be from one health care provider, one professor, and one supervisor. I am not close with any health care providers- are they really strict about who the recommendations come from? I have one from a professor, and two from a supervisor.
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    SUNY Downstate FNP FALL 2018

    Hi, how is everyone enjoying their FNP program? I might possibly be interested in applying but want to hear from some current/past Downstate FNP students.
  7. NewADNnurse2018

    Stony Brook Adult-Gerontology NP SUMMER 2020

    how many clinical hours are required?
  8. NewADNnurse2018

    Stony Brook FNP Summer 2020

    Does anyone know how many clinical hours are required? I can't find this or their handbook anywhere on the website!
  9. Hello fellow cardiac nurses! I am considering my first nursing position in a cardiac step down unit, but I am concerned that the orientation is only 6 weeks. They say that I can extend it if need be, but I wanted to know if anyone else has experience with such a short orientation program. I am a new grad, so I'm not sure if that gives you some context of my situation.
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    2019 Nursing Salary Survey

    How can we see the results of this survey?
  11. NewADNnurse2018

    Feeling discouraged

    I am a new grad nurse who will be starting L&D soon. In your example of a pregnant patient with non-OB specific issues like mom is on peritoneal dialysis, post-kidney transplant,... since you might not see these everyday (or maybe you do...), do you ask the nurse educator to help you? I barely know L&D, much less peritoneal dialysis or post-organ transplant concerns- how would I troubleshoot something like this? Once we are off orientation, are we just expected to know how to take care of these atypical patients? Wish I could just crack open my textbook or google it on the job, but that is not practical, and I am assuming that it is very fast paced and I might not have time for that. As you can see, I'm very nervous... I don't have any med-surg experience, and there are so many med-surg/acute issues that can present in a laboring patient.... Hoping you or any other L&D nurse can give some insight or advice. Much appreciated, thanks!
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    Concordia NY Fall 2018

    Thanks for the info! Do you know if the two religion classes are required for all post-bacc nursing students?
  13. NewADNnurse2018

    Centra State

    I second this....I'm curious as well. I have heard that it does not have a great rep, but no one ever gave specifics. So if anyone can advise on their experience, it would be very much appreciated! :)
  14. Hello, I just graduated from a RN program, and will be pursuing FNP next year. In between that, I am considering a position in the Cardiac Step Down Unit, and in an Urgent Care clinic. I wanted to know which position would be better for someone who plans to apply to FNP schools in the near future. Hoping someone can give me some advice- thanks!! :)
  15. NewADNnurse2018

    Urgent Care or Cardiac Step Down: future FNP

    Thanks for your response, missdeevah, NP! I want to work in the clinic setting as a FNP, but I'm worried that I won't be able to get admitted into FNP schools compared to other applicants with more high-acuity experience (like working in a hospital).

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