Connecticut RN's


Does anyone have any idea of the starting pay for new grads in Norwalk, Stamford, or Greenwich Hospital? Which is the best paying in CT?

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Key tip: the further you go up in CT, the lower the pay.

It also depends on if the hospital is a part of a health they try to make the RN pay similar on a broad scale.

I’ve worked at Norwalk as an experienced nurse, had job offers in Stamford before and currently work under the Yale health system (which comprises of Greenwich Hospifal)

For new grads—and these aren’t exact numbers, just estimates based off of what I know and have heard. 

Stamford: For Starting rate, Expect anywhere from 36.00-39.00/hr (I was offered 41.00/hr as an experienced nurse). Since they’re closer to NY, Stamford’s pay rate kind of reflects the pay rate you often see for nurses in the NYC/WestChester area. 

Greenwich: In 2014 (when I started as an RN) new grads started at 29/hr, 29.50 if you had a BSN. Yale Health System gave a pay raise to all nurses late last year, so new grads could be starting anywhere from 31.00-34.00/hr. (It’s still low compared to neighboring hospitals)

Norwalk: about 35.00-38.00/hr for new grads. This hospital—and the Nuvance health system in general—have always started nurses at a higher pay rate than many other hospitals in the surrounding area. 

Also be mindful that this does NOT include differentials for working nights/weekends. Every hospital has their individual differential but I know when I was working nights at Yale, I made up $3 more than those who worked days/evenings. 


Hope this helps.