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  1. I am a new grad interested in oncology NP but I have also been trying to conceive for a while. Is there any reason to be concerned of radiation exposure whilst trying to conceive and if that could negatively impact a pregnancy? Wondering if ...
  2. Has anyone here worked in Bridgeport Hospital (Yale- New Haven)? I'm interested in a RN position there (ED and med-surg) and was wondering if anyone can share their experience and expected salary range? Thanks!
  3. Yale New Haven Nurse Residency Summer 2020

    Hi, how is everyone enjoying the Yale New Haven residency (bridgeport/greenwich/etc...)? I'm considering applying... what is the salary and work life like?
  4. Nurse educator salaries in NYC

    Hi, Does anybody have any idea of the salary range for nurse educators in NYC hospitals vs. school educators? Thanks!
  5. CT salary

    Does anyone have any idea of the starting pay for new grads in Norwalk, Stamford, or Greenwich Hospital? Which is the best paying in CT? Thanks!
  6. Connecticut RN's

    Does anyone have any idea of the starting pay for new grads in Norwalk, Stamford, or Greenwich Hospital? Which is the best paying in CT?
  7. What can I do with my MSN-FNP that doesn't require much patient contact

    "As a result, there is a systemic over - glorification of nursing that further leads young people to believe that its a perfect profession." This sentence resonates strongly with me. All the instagram and facebook posts of nursing as a field full of ...
  8. SUNY Downstate FNP Fall of 2020

    All FNP applicants will get an interview?
  9. SUNY Downstate FNP Fall of 2020

    How did your interview go? Did you have to write essay too?
  10. SUNY Downstate FNP 2019

    Hi Taisha, Do you mind sharing why you are not happy with the WHNP or FNP program? If you want, you may send me a private message. -Curious from a potentially interested applicant who is considering multiple programs and am nervous about investing al...
  11. New-York-licensed-NP practicing as RN

    Hi, thank you, and I really appreciate your replies. Prior to posting, I did a search through AllNurses' search engine and wasn't able to find anything related to NY NP licensure laws. Perhaps I'm not using the correct search terms?
  12. New-York-licensed-NP practicing as RN

    What are the rules/expectations of a FNP practicing as a RN in an acute care hospital in New York? I have heard that NP's practicing as a RN will be held to their highest level of incomplete/completed education and/or licensure, but that it depends o...
  13. Is it reasonable and prevalent for nurses to take on two jobs: one full-time night shift position (3-4 shifts/wk), and one part-time day shift (2 shifts/week)? I expect to schedule my part-time position around the full-time job. Is it expected that I...
  14. NP Worries

    @LadyT618, thank you so much for your reply! I really appreciate it. I suppose getting more RN experience does make sense before becoming an NP. I have heard somewhere that NP's are faced with more litigation issues than MD/DO's due to misdiagnosis, ...
  15. Anyone applying to Stonybrook FNP for summer 2020?

    Stonybrook requires 3 recommendations. The website says that it needs to be from one health care provider, one professor, and one supervisor. I am not close with any health care providers- are they really strict about who the recommendations come fro...