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  1. VCstudent

    The Nursing School to Welfare Pipeline

    After reading a lot of these responses this thread is making me depressed. I feel that it would be helpful if people would also indicate which state and county they are in to give some perspective of which areas are or aren't effected. I am in CA and in my county there is a shortage of experienced nurses so they spend millions of dollars on short-term contracts. I am aware of the possibility of not landing a job here and I'm aware that relocating will likely be necessary. Now I am going back to reading the thread to look for a response from someone that can offer some hope. ⛅
  2. Love the story and will look out for part two
  3. VCstudent

    How I made $93,000 my first year of nursing

    Where do you work? I have been looking at relocating to Texas once I finish nursing school. I have looked at Austin and Dallas, they seem to be fun places to live.
  4. VCstudent

    Are you ready for NCLEX? Think patient safety and you will be.

    I loved how thought out and well written this article was and cherish this insight. Thank you for your experience!