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  1. Suboxone treatment clinics

    Hello, I work in a partial hospitalization program and IOP program with a psychiatrist and I see patients for MAT such as suboxone and naltrexone. I refer patients to methadone clinics if appropriate. im fairly new to practice but yes you need to ta...
  2. RN to MSN on probation

    I completed my whole MSN FNP program and graduated while being in PNAP. The problem arises when applying with the state with your new license because they might add restrictions to your DEA license. But I ended up telling the school I was in the d...
  3. It's Official!

    congrats!! it's such a relief that you can finally close that chapter!
  4. Still in PNAP contract expired?

    I was wondering if anyone could give me a bit of insight. I been in PNAP/VRP since 2015. My petition for dismissal was on 7/28/18. Its been over 2 weeks and i'm still waiting to be released. To add insult to the matter, I was selected to drug test...
  5. Still in PNAP contract expired?

    Thank you! I just can't believe it! I feel paranoid still but I definitely don't miss it.
  6. Still in PNAP contract expired?

    I just wanted to update everyone... I been officially released from purgatory. I got a call from my CM this AM stating that I was released. I also was inactive on recovery trek... she sent me a PDF document board order stating that my probation is o...
  7. Still in PNAP contract expired?

    Guess what!? I got picked again today for a drug screen 16 days later smh!
  8. Still in PNAP contract expired?

    Yes, it feels like they are taking their sweet time but when we need to submit paperwork, they want it on time or ELSE!
  9. Still in PNAP contract expired?

    Thank you... every day feels like an eternity lol
  10. Light at the end of the tunnel?

    Hey, I was wondering what date did you end up getting released??
  11. Anyone else being GPS tracked?

    I am in PA and we are now required to use our SMART PHONES to log in meetings attendance. I am also wary of this and feel like it's an invasion of privacy.
  12. Death and Repossession

    I'm so sorry for the loss of your father especially with everything else you got going on... hugs
  13. Done

    Did they ever do the final hair test on you? I hear they like to do a hair test prior to the contract ending.
  14. Done

    Did your contract start when you initially enrolled in PNAP or when the state board sent you the fully executed VRP agreement? I'm just asking because I'm due to complete my agreement supposedly in March but my case manager said I'm not eligible to p...