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  1. Not sure how long I can do this

    Hello, I am LPN worked primarily in nursing home and vaccination clinic. I am on my last year for BSN degree. I have preceptored clinicals in Oncology unit right now. I never had full patient load in my previous years and this year my preceptor ...
  2. Does it get better?

    Thank you!! Thanks y’all! It’s surprising how many people are afraid of needles. It’s an eye opening! I had a few incidents after the first one and I did not panic one bit! I asked firefighters to get me a wheelchair/mat jus...
  3. Does it get better?

    Thanks all for the encouragement. I will definitely look at this as a learning opportunity.
  4. Does it get better?

    I graduated a year ago and have been working in long-term care. I have been working in COVID immunization clinic for a few weeks now. Yesterday was my first rotation to after care area, where clients sit for 15 minutes after vaccination. I had a...
  5. Conestoga/Mohawk McMaster RPN to BScN fall 2020 intake

    Hm, that is very odd. Either they are changing it for fall 2021 or its old outline. I know some of my class mates know people mohawk who are following the same cirrculum as the link I posted in previous post. You may want to call them to confirm. Th...
  6. Conestoga/Mohawk McMaster RPN to BScN fall 2020 intake

    Yes! Do what is best for you. Not everyone will like PBL.
  7. Ontario RPN-RN Bridge September 2020 Intake

    Congrats! Many of my classmates are working full time or part time. I would say first year was quite stressful at times because there are some weeks where you had assignments due either in same week or back to back. Yep! All lectures and classes were...
  8. Conestoga/Mohawk McMaster RPN to BScN fall 2020 intake

    I will answer here from other thread. First year is just basic nursing stuff. Since I am going second year (level 3 as an RPN-BSCN student), in first semester I will be placed in clinical placement (med surg unit most likely), and in the second ...
  9. Conestoga/Mohawk McMaster RPN to BScN fall 2020 intake

    I would say that it isn’t hard. It’s just the workload that is a lot. If you have good time management skills, then you will be fine. I have a terrible time management but I made it through first year. I will definitely but adjusting for fall. F...
  10. Ontario RPN-RN Bridge September 2020 Intake

    I am currently in CoMac. The cirrculum is same across all sites so I’ll share some insights from my first year. I enjoy the program thus far. The professors are so supportive. They will do their best to help you succeed in the program. For...
  11. Am I wrong?

    Yep! His level of care depends on his mood. Anyways, I talked to the walk in clinic doctor, sent him my results from last year and understood what the form stated and filled it out for me. Took 2 minutes ?. Thanks all!
  12. Am I wrong?

    Thank you. It’s tough looking for a new family doctor but actively looking for another. Yep! I am not gonna go back to him, I will just go to walk in from now on until I can find a new physician that is accepting patients. ??
  13. Am I wrong?

    Not sure if this thread is appropriate for this topic but I would like to know if I am in the wrong. I am a nurse with one year experience. I went to my family doctor to fill out TB form for clinical placements. I had already been positive for T...
  14. Stressed/anxiety

    Thank you. Yes, I have time slot for each course but I can never stay on track. If I don’t finish something I just keep doing it until it is finished even if I put lets say 2 hours for a course. I will just go over 2 hours. So that is a problem ...
  15. Stressed/anxiety

    Hi, I hope this is the right place to post and need opinions/suggestion. I am in first year BSN program. I don’t know how I survived first semester with pandemic and online learning. I think last semester’s stress triggered something in me ...