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    Thank you. Yes, I have time slot for each course but I can never stay on track. If I don’t finish something I just keep doing it until it is finished even if I put lets say 2 hours for a course. I will just go over 2 hours. So that is a problem 😭
  2. Toaster2k18


    Hi, I hope this is the right place to post and need opinions/suggestion. I am in first year BSN program. I don’t know how I survived first semester with pandemic and online learning. I think last semester’s stress triggered something in me negatively. I cannot focus at all. My head just feels out of place. It has heen 3 weeks since starting Winter semester. I have a lot of things due in 2 weeks. Whenever I think of it, I am so stressed out, I can just feel my heart racing, no appetite. I just want to lay in bed. I don’t know how much I have in my tank. I am thinking of talking to my academic advisor to see if I am able to take a leave of absence till fall 2021. Do you guys have any tips on stress management? Or any suggestions what I should do?
  3. Toaster2k18

    Ontario RPN-RN Bridge September 2020 Intake

    I am glad to hear that. I’ll be attending co-mac. Sorry if these questions have been asked. But, what are your tips to getting good grades. I hear that it’s rigirious program. Were able to work while in school? Did you transfer credits or take electives to boost GPA?
  4. As title says, are reviews important to you when accepting a position especially if common reviews are that senior management is horrible, heavy workload, unprofessional management and although high pay, the turn over in staff is extremely high. Bad reviews are from every profession from nurses to therapist etc.
  5. Toaster2k18

    COVID-19: Creepy or No?

    I work in facility employed as dietary aide to give their meal tray to pts to different units for few years. I don’t know see the internal medicine physician often but whenever I do he is quiet, collective and calm. He does his job, good bedside manners, especially when talking to family members and pt. He does not know me, we don’t say anything to each other. I guess he only knows me by face. I am a nurse as well so I understand how it is like working in healthcare, especially at a time like this. Nurses and physicians are going to “suspected” covid rooms with a faceshield attached to surgical mask. It’s crazy. We have this virtual thank you system where a staff can say thank you through email, unfortunately I can’t send email as anonymous. My question is, would it be creepy if I send an email to the physician (as well others nurses/pt/ot/sw/rt once I figure their names)? I don’t be seen as a creep and making people think why is this random staff saying thank you, how does he even know my name? etc.
  6. Toaster2k18

    Offer of employment - what to do?

    Thank you for the replies. I live in an apartment so I do not have a garage, though alternative option would be to leave everything in the facility. We live in small apartment so I can't really self isolate at home. After talking with my family as well, I emailed them today that I will withdrawing from the position due to personal circumstances. Thanks again for all your input.
  7. Toaster2k18

    Offer of employment - what to do?

    Hello, So, I applied to a hospital for complex care unit few months back, 6 month full time contract. They called me today, we did a phone interview, not even in person interview and got email for reference checks. I don’t know what to do. I want to work as I feel like this is the only opportunity I will have to get a job but I am scared due to covid. I am currently living with my parents and I hate to be the one that contracts it to them. What do you guys suggest? What would you do?
  8. Toaster2k18

    Humber College - BN Sept 2020

    Heya, I applied in March, so I am not considered equal consideration. Was wondering if you guys got your offer during closed college? Also, if you guys don’t mind sharing, are you applying as post-secondary applicant or high school? What is your GPA/high school avg?
  9. Toaster2k18

    RN George Brown College fall 2020

    If you are talking about the bscn Ryerson-GBC program, I have a clue on how it is in first semester because I was in the program in 2013. I am pretty sure still similar but correct me if I am wrong. First, your grades are good! Just keep your overall average 85%+, but aim for 90% average because it's becoming more competitive every year. I think it's top six 4U courses from high school. Since you'll be attending GBC for the first two years, you'll be choosing blocks, which is a premade schedule.. You'll have 6 mandatory courses + 1 electives. As for difficulty, my friends did say the first two years were hell and they all complained of Pathophysiology. Time management is key! In first semester, Nutrition course (FNN111) and introduction to psychology (PSY102) were breeze. Nursing courses were challenging. From what I remember, you have something going on every week - whether it is test, assignment, quizzes, demonstration (graded) for health assessment, presentation, group work. As soon as you get an offer of admission, I highly recommend going through anatomy and physiology. Just check which textbook they are using for this year and use it. Anatomy is not hard but it's a lot of information. 2nd semester will be your first clinical placement! Please newly graduates let me know if anything changed since 2013. 😄
  10. Toaster2k18

    I just failed the CPNRE! :(

    Provisional license? If you mean temporary license then it is only valid for 6 months from the date you registered. I think if you fail exam. you lose your temporary license as well.
  11. Toaster2k18

    LPN to RN bridging or straight into RN? Advice

    If your plan is to be RN then I suggest going for BScN. Not sure how many years is RPN to bscn program in BC but in Ontario, the bridging program is 3 years and PN program is 2 years (total: 5 years). If are you able to enter bscn program then do it, if not then doing LPN first then bridge to RN is best option. I am RPN and planning to do bridging fall 2020.
  12. Toaster2k18

    RPN to BScN (full 4 year program)

    Has anyone tried applying to BSCN program 4 year as RPN instead of applying through bridging?
  13. Toaster2k18

    IS BSN way harder than Practical Nursing?

    Practical Nurse - 2 year program in college. Bscn - 4 years. More opportunities in terms of job. Do 4 years BsCN. Trust me, it’s worth it at the end. I am a practical nurse and I wish i went through the 4 years route and I am working on getting RN. Either way both programs are tough. If you are talking about elective courses for high school... take the easiest courses to have high marks. Make sure you take the required sciences and math to satisfy the admission. Check ryerson, York university, mcmaster.
  14. Toaster2k18

    Ontario RPN-RN Bridge September 2020 Intake

    Awesome! I have a few questions if you don't mind answering. -How was admission process like? Casper test? GPA? -How is first year? Do you enjoy PBL thus far? -Are you commuting or do you live nearby? I live in Toronto and if I do get in, I'd probably drive from Toronto, not sure if it's worth it.
  15. Toaster2k18

    Ontario RPN-RN Bridge September 2020 Intake

    Ill be applying to conestoga-mac and cent-rye
  16. Toaster2k18


    To those who did not make it. What did you guys find it difficult? Content or the understanding question? How did you answer your questions?