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  1. HaloNursing

    Long Beach City College 2023

    Hello, first-time applicant here! I submitted my application today for the RN program. According to the confirmation email, it says selections will be made in 6-8 weeks. Is that to let us know if we moved on to the next round for further screening or...
  2. HaloNursing

    Saddleback College ADN Spring 2023

    Hey there! I applied with 82 points. I'm a first-time applicant, and I hope I get accepted into at least one RN program this cycle. Best wishes to everyone! - AA = 2 pts - CNA + Work Experience = 15 pts - Science GPA = 20 pts - ...
  3. It seems like every cohort/application cycle has one of these pages. I wanted to start a new thread for the Spring 2023 cycle so we can keep each other updated during the application period and ask questions. Best wishes to everyone applying!
  4. HaloNursing

    Golden West College ADN Fall 2022

    GWC only accepts the first passing score of 62% or higher of version 6 ATI TEAS. Scores don't expire unless a school is requiring a newer version of the ATI TEAS Test.
  5. HaloNursing

    Golden West College ADN Spring 2022

    @RachelRachel If I remember correctly, the application period for Spring 2022 opened July 1st and the last day was July 9th.
  6. HaloNursing

    Golden West College ADN Fall 2021

    If you maxed out your points for every category, the next best option is to work on raising your science GPA which will dramatically boost your overall points if you do well in them.
  7. HaloNursing

    Golden West College ADN Fall 2021

    Congratulations on yall's acceptance! Did anyone take the ATI TEAS offered by GWC? If so, how did that go?
  8. HaloNursing


    Well if you took the time and look at last semester’s (Spring 2020) thread, it shows someone with 76 points and above got admitted. For alternates that were accepted, they never really mentioned how many points they had. I think the deciding factor f...
  9. HaloNursing

    Tips for Passing Chem/Physiology?

    Hello Everyone! ? I will be taking Intro to Chemistry (introduction to some of the basic principles of inorganic, organic and biochemistry) AND I will be taking Human Physiology. 1) I have NEVER taken chem before, not even in high school. Any tips ...
  10. Hello Everybody! Should I retake Human Anatomy for the 3rd time in 8 weeks in the summer or should I retake it in Fall 2019 semester (16 weeks) along with Microbiology (never took micro before)? I'll be taking the TEAS Test in either Dec 2019 or Jan ...
  11. Hello, fellow Allnurses peeps! I was wondering if it's a good idea to take Physiology and Intro to Chemistry the same semester? I have NEVER taken a chemistry class in my life. Not even in HS. The only chem experience I have is 1 chapter in Biology. ...
  12. HaloNursing

    Anatomy Tips? Histology?

    Hello everyone! I decided to take an extra semester at my cc to finish up my general ed and prereqs. So I'll be at my cc for 2.5 years then I start applying to nursing schools. 1 year down, 1.5 more to go! Anyway, I'm retaking anatomy in Fall 2018. I...
  13. HaloNursing

    Anatomy In The Summer

    I'll just have to eat, sleep, breath and STUDY anatomy! Class will be from M-TH for 6 hours. I'll visit the stem center (it has all the anatomy models) before and after class. I heard that you'll have a lecture and lab exam just about every week! Goo...
  14. HaloNursing

    Anatomy In The Summer

    I'm not working and don't plan on working anytime soon, because I already receive financial aid.
  15. HaloNursing

    Anatomy In The Summer

    Hello Everyone! I'm taking Human Anatomy right now and I'm not doing so well because I'm not studying outside of the classroom as much as I should. I'm also taking statistics and English. Should I retake Human Anatomy in the summer? The course is 7...