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  1. HaloNursing

    Tips for Passing Chem/Physiology?

    Hello Everyone! I will be taking Intro to Chemistry (introduction to some of the basic principles of inorganic, organic and biochemistry) AND I will be taking Human Physiology. 1) I have NEVER taken chem before, not even in high school. Any tips to pass chem? 2) What should I review from human anatomy to help with physiology? Any tips to pass physiology? Please comment below your favorite study techniques/tips, and what type of learner are you? *I'm a visual learner
  2. Hello Everybody! Should I retake Human Anatomy for the 3rd time in 8 weeks in the summer or should I retake it in Fall 2019 semester (16 weeks) along with Microbiology (never took micro before)? I'll be taking the TEAS Test in either Dec 2019 or Jan 2020. So that means I need to study for the TEAS by the end of May/beginning of June of 2019. Summer Pros: Taking the class by itself in summer, good professor, no cadavers, and I have previous videos/notes/study guides/lecture recording from my previous original professor/class. Summer Cons: 8 weeks, the school is about 25-30 mins away. Thank you for any help you can provide!
  3. Hello, fellow Allnurses peeps! I was wondering if it's a good idea to take Physiology and Intro to Chemistry the same semester? I have NEVER taken a chemistry class in my life. Not even in HS. The only chem experience I have is 1 chapter in Biology. Any tips? Thanks!
  4. HaloNursing

    Anatomy Tips? Histology?

    Hello everyone! I decided to take an extra semester at my cc to finish up my general ed and prereqs. So I'll be at my cc for 2.5 years then I start applying to nursing schools. 1 year down, 1.5 more to go! Anyway, I'm retaking anatomy in Fall 2018. I actually took Anatomy in Spring 2018 but dropped it, then I was planning on retaking it in Summer 2018, but I was rushing and trying to do the "2-year cc track", but I need to self-pace so I'm taking another semester. I was wondering what are some of your best tips for studying, memorizing/recognizing the tissues (epithelial, connective, nervous, muscle) for labs under the microscopes? Histology anyone? I still kept all my worksheets, study guides, books, online videos. I'll be studying weeks or even month or two in advanced before Fall starts! :)
  5. HaloNursing

    Anatomy In The Summer

    I'll just have to eat, sleep, breath and STUDY anatomy! Class will be from M-TH for 6 hours. I'll visit the stem center (it has all the anatomy models) before and after class. I heard that you'll have a lecture and lab exam just about every week! Good thing I have Fri-Sun to study too, as well as my previous notes/study-guides/power-points that my current teacher provided. Heck, I even bought the Kaplan Anatomy Flashcards! So i'll have to drop the current course soon, so I can register for anatomy in the summer. I'll start reviewing all the way back to the 1st chapter and get a 2 month head start.
  6. HaloNursing

    Anatomy In The Summer

    I'm not working and don't plan on working anytime soon, because I already receive financial aid.
  7. HaloNursing

    Anatomy In The Summer

    Hello Everyone! I'm taking Human Anatomy right now and I'm not doing so well because I'm not studying outside of the classroom as much as I should. I'm also taking statistics and English. Should I retake Human Anatomy in the summer? The course is 7 weeks long. It includes Lecture, Discussion, and Lab. Is it academic suicide to take a 16 weeks course in only 7 weeks?! It'll be my only class in the summer and I won't be working. Is it doable to get an A?