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  1. I recently was accepted into a highly prestigious, FREE, FNP program that is offered through my company. I was super excited about this opportunity, but have been second guessing EVERYTHING. I am extremely overwhelmed with making the decision to do it, when prior to my acceptance I was 100% in. I recently spoke to a few people in the program- all who say the program is nearly impossible and that it is free for a reason , Bc you pay in other ways. am I stupid for declining such an amazing offer? It’s a 3 year, in class (traditional) learning style. However, I would have to transfer to a part time position to be able to balance work and school. I’d also have to agree to work wherever they place me post-graduation for 2 year agreement. Which is a pro and a con. I feel like it’s not very flexible and might be too demanding. If I don’t maintain a B average, I have to continue paying for the program without receiving a degree. It seems like a lot of pressure and a lot to risk. secondly, there are many other programs where I could apply for FNP that aren’t as great as this current program, but they are more flexible and would allow me to live a little. I’m so torn.
  2. K.Alva

    I accepted the fact nursing isn't for me, what do I do?

    I think your work environment has everything to do with your feelings. Nursing is one of the only careers where you expected to just know everything your first day BUT those critical thinking skills, organization, communication skills and confidence don't just happen they take time to form and develop. There is not one nurse that knows everything, the beauty is you're constantly learning and you'll reach points where you gain little bits of confidence after doing something well. I'm a new grad and having been going through the same thing.
  3. K.Alva

    AMBU bag VS Neopuff

    Thank you so much! This makes a lot of sense.
  4. K.Alva

    AMBU bag VS Neopuff

    obviously not if I am asking here. Thank you, but if your not going to add to the discussion then just don't bother commenting.
  5. K.Alva


    I would say NO WAY. I don't live in Florida. but I get benefits and way higher pay as an RN brand new grad. I think you should look at other hospitals in your area to compare.
  6. K.Alva

    Catheter Came out. Should I reinsert it?

    I certainly think you made the right decision. You wouldn't want to reinsert the same foley bc it isn't sterile anymore. The hospital might have been a little much, but it was the safest option. She probably will she put on prophylactic antibiotics and have a new foley inserted.
  7. K.Alva

    How did you know when your specialty was THE one

    This is a good thought. I really hung up on the specialty...but any specialty could be pleasant with a positive work environment.
  8. K.Alva

    How did you know when your specialty was THE one

    Never said I was looking to change course. More like having anxiety that I will be like those old miserable nurses that hate there lives and want to be able to recognize it before it happens. But you are absolutely right, it has a lot to do with still learning.
  9. Hello, I am new grad that has decided to start my nursing career in the NICU. During nursing school I never had the AH moment during clincials where I instantly fell in love with a specific area. Now being in the NICU I get nervous at times that I'm not sure where I am meant to be. Granted I love my patients, I love the intensity and the close relationship the nurses have with doctors (the nurses are very respected and have lots of say in the plan of care). I just wonder when I'll feel like this is right for me. So I guess I just would like some insight on experienced nurses career course... did you love what you did at first, did you make a career change? how did you know you belonged on a unit and most of all how did you find what you LOVED. At the end of the day work is work but I guess I'm having trouble finding my passion/niche.
  10. K.Alva

    AMBU bag VS Neopuff

    In my unit as emergency equipment we set up an AMBU bag AND a neopuff. Can someone explain why we always set up 2, is there certain instances where you would use one over the other? Is is just in case one doesn't work?

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