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  1. nursecranberry

    US nurse moving to Brasil

    Hi. I currently hold an RN-BSN but am in school for MSN Nurse Educator. I want to move to Salvador da Bahia. Are there jobs where I can use my MSN? Or perhaps remote work for a US company? I understand that bedside nurses there are very poorly paid. Thank you
  2. nursecranberry

    nurse educator options (need advice)

    Thanks guys, I love these answers!
  3. nursecranberry

    starting a blog

    I'm wondering if it might be worthwhile to start a nursing blog. -how do you narrow down what you'd like to focus on in a blog? -what do other nurses need/find helpful to read about? -would you read a nursing blog that includes posts about things like self-care, hobbies, athletics, home life, etc or would you rather see just professionalism? What about politics (women's rights/feminism, GLBTQ issues, so on)? -thanks for any feedback and opinions!
  4. nursecranberry

    nurse educator options (need advice)

    I've started an MSN Nurse Educator program, and at first I planned to go for a post-master's FNP, but now I've changed my mind (I'm loving the educator courses). What are some jobs that you've loved as a nurse educator? Hospital? Teaching online courses? Classroom? Other? Background: I'm an ONS chemo and CHPN RN and I haven't been working in hospice for about six months because I am BURNED OUT. I'm looking for a job environment that is cheerful and upbeat where I can do meaningful and helpful work. I would love something that allows me to have some creativity.
  5. nursecranberry

    Hospice case management but less income

    You will end up with a larger case load than they tell you (I have worked for 3 hospice companies), they don't tell you about on call (which is a nightmare), and they will expand your service area to the point where you are so far away from home that you can't possibly get to patients within 30m. This is how most hospice companies are operated. They will bs you during the hiring process and then they will avalanche you with work.
  6. nursecranberry

    WGU MSN questions

    Thank you so much. Yes, I'm looking for an NP program and would like to practice in pcp office setting. How does the post master's certificate work?
  7. nursecranberry

    WGU MSN questions

    I'm looking at WGU's MSN program and emailed an academic advisor. They informed me that it's not a nurse practitioner program. I am not clear about what this program is, then- is this just a program for people who want to work in management? I was not aware there are MSN programs that aren't informatics, nurse practitioner, or nurse educator.
  8. nursecranberry

    career options for burnout

    I worked in film production. But that's no longer an option.
  9. nursecranberry

    career options for burnout

    I've been an RN for the past 3 years- first job was on an oncology unit, then I moved to hospice case management. I am just burned out. Major sources of burnout: -micromanagement on the part of administration (having management constantly breathing down my neck gives me so much stress that I hate going to work) -emotional repercussions of working with extremely ill/dying people -problems dealing with coworkers (including being blamed for other nurses' mistakes in the MAR, other nurses falsifying information given by patients/families, general childishness/blaming behaviors which seem to be prevalent in nursing profession) I enjoy patient care, but I'm just done. I'm looking for a career where I can work on my own and provide a service to people. Any suggestions? I'm open to considering fields where an RN license might not be primary but would be helpful, ie bodywork or things like that, as well as nursing specialties.