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I've been an RN for the past 3 years- first job was on an oncology unit, then I moved to hospice case management. I am just burned out. Major sources of burnout:

-micromanagement on the part of administration (having management constantly breathing down my neck gives me so much stress that I hate going to work)

-emotional repercussions of working with extremely ill/dying people

-problems dealing with coworkers (including being blamed for other nurses' mistakes in the MAR, other nurses falsifying information given by patients/families, general childishness/blaming behaviors which seem to be prevalent in nursing profession)

I enjoy patient care, but I'm just done. I'm looking for a career where I can work on my own and provide a service to people. Any suggestions? I'm open to considering fields where an RN license might not be primary but would be helpful, ie bodywork or things like that, as well as nursing specialties.

What did you do before nursing?

What did you do before nursing?

I worked in film production. But that's no longer an option.

Specializes in ED, Pedi Vasc access, Paramedic serving 6 towns.

Work in EMS, it's great!! Little to no micromanagement, since you are mainly on your own a majority of the time and you just do your own thing. That is one of the reasons I love it so much, absolutely little to no structure!!!


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