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  1. nursetobequestionmark

    chemistry minor while BSN program?

    Hi all, I really enjoy chemistry and I'm considering getting a minor in chem while I finish my BSN. Is a chemistry minor worth anything to employers? Is it a total waste of time?
  2. nursetobequestionmark

    Is $85k worth it for BSN program with no guarantee acceptance?

    I'm honestly very annoyed at these answers. What matters most is what CITY you live in. I live in NYC. Most nursing programs are 85k AND above for just a BSN. Don't even get me started on MSN programs. It is insanely competitive and difficult to get into ANY program here. If you live in an expensive area like NYC or SF then 85k is nothing. If you live in a less populated city and 85k is the maximum tuition for a school in your area, then obviously don't do it.
  3. nursetobequestionmark

    BSN transferring to LPN program?

    Thank you all for the advice! I am going to stick to it and stay in my program.
  4. nursetobequestionmark

    BSN transferring to LPN program?

    I'm currently in a BSN program and starting clinicals in September. Took nursing foundations and all my preqs my first year. This is my second bachelor's degree. My life has been going to crap and my grades have been suffering. I went from a straight A student to a straight C student this semester. I went through a separation with my husband, was in a psych ward for a week because of mental health issues, and am really struggling with being in school for the next three years. Family drama, etc. I'm debating going to an LPN program just so I can be accomplished with something next year. Is this stupid? I know all my prereqs won't transfer to the LPN program, but it will be slightly easier. And maybe I can do well then. :/ Any advice?
  5. nursetobequestionmark

    St.pauls school of nursing spring 2019!

    Yeah but they use some third party caller system and I always got a voicemail. I'm at another school now í ¾í´·í ¼í¿»*♀️
  6. nursetobequestionmark

    Online CNA Classes?

    I wouldn't trust any nursing program that's fully online unless it's an RN-BSN.
  7. nursetobequestionmark

    RN, ADN being obsolete

    ASA college in NY? That's technically correct, because in NY's nurse practice act the BSN IS required now within 10 years
  8. nursetobequestionmark

    St.pauls school of nursing spring 2019!

    I applied there 6 months ago and never heard back. I'd look into other schools if I were you
  9. nursetobequestionmark

    lpn ny license to nj

    if you have a BSN you should apply for the BSN here. i believe you just have to take a the NCLEX and show proof of your education
  10. nursetobequestionmark

    2 sciences in one semester

    if there's a will, there's a way :)
  11. nursetobequestionmark

    Denied Nursing School.... Again

    Why don't you find an accredited LPN program? Even if it's a bit further away.... if this is your dream DON'T give up!
  12. nursetobequestionmark

    Getting in with a W?

    W is still better than a WF or a failing grade
  13. nursetobequestionmark

    How I Passed the NCLEX (PN)

    Awesome! Congrats :D
  14. nursetobequestionmark

    sonographer or nurse?

    No, you'd need to major in it. There are sonography AD and BS programs. You should look into those
  15. nursetobequestionmark

    LPN vs CNA??

    LPNs are nurses and CNAs are nursing assistants. Big difference
  16. nursetobequestionmark

    LPN vs. RN

    OP, what did you end up choosing? Just outta curiosity

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