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  1. Sacramento Hospitals with CNAs?

    I work at a hospital near Sacramento that does not have CNA‘s and I feel like this is not sustainable. Can anyone give me a perspective on which hospitals in the Sacramento area utilize CNA‘s or other helpers to care for ADLs? The workload is very hi...
  2. Sacramento Hospitals with CNAs?

    @iluvivt for me the problem is coming when I have a combination of total care of patients, “feeders,” ambulation orders, and then the rest of the tasks pile on too (e.g. managing blood sugars x4-5, lots of isolation patients, restraints). With CNAs I...
  3. Sacramento Hospitals with CNAs?

    No, I’m currently working in Stockton. When did you last work in a hospital in Sacramento? It is possible that most/all have dropped CNAs as Golden RN says. I could call recruiters or something. Not ready to change jobs, but I can see that the l...
  4. Sacramento Hospitals with CNAs?

    Forgot to mention this is Med/surg
  5. Should I agree to binding arbitration?

    The Northern CA facility I recently accepted a job at uses binding arbitration by default. I have the option to opt out of this and it says that I will not lose my job because of it. I am concerned that this statement is window dressing for what may ...
  6. Should I agree to binding arbitration?

    @hppygr8ful That is actually very helpful information, thank you! While I've done acuity lists and coordinated care as an RN at an inpatient psych facility during my preceptorship I never had it explained that way. My job will be as an outpatient RN ...
  7. Should I agree to binding arbitration?

    @hppygr8ful Last I checked nursing ratios in psych facilities in CA is 1:6, rather than 1:5 for M/S or 1:2 for ICU.
  8. Should I agree to binding arbitration?

    @Sour Lemon Maybe that's a better example, thanks. With binding arbitration you are expected to go through arbitration rather than lawsuit or class action lawsuit. Regarding unsafe assignment, I think this is more common that people think. I sta...
  9. Should I agree to binding arbitration?

    @chare If disputes regarding the employer are routinely decided in their favor, you're forced into a their way or the highway situation, more than normal jobs. I would like to hear from people who may know about how this actually plays out, but I pic...
  10. Should I agree to binding arbitration?

    It wouldn't let me edit, I wanted to add this between the first and second paragraph: As a former union employee and educated person binding arbitration seems like a trap to limit my rights and compromise my ability to advocate for clients. Empl...
  11. Mental health nursing and cover letter

    Hi All, I am a new grad BSN and am applying for positions in psychiatric nursing, which is my passion. Part of the psych interest is because I like to help people with psychological problems and part is because I have struggled with depression and AD...
  12. Mental health nursing and cover letter

    Thanks Dallasmiss, that's a helpful re-framing ?
  13. Mental health nursing and cover letter

    The reason I brought this up is that I've seen suggestions about describing one's passion for nursing in terms of "this is why I want to work in this field/department." It is not because I sprung from a policy and procedure manual, even though that m...
  14. Mental health nursing and cover letter

    OK, thanks for the info. This is about what I expected and rather unfortunate.
  15. Call bell addict patient- how to handle?

    I'm in clinical for Adult Health 2 and was recently caring for a patient who hit their call bell at least every 5 minutes to get their pain medication. When I explained that someone was getting it and discussed how I was watching for them to come bac...
  16. CNS: Admin > Clinical?

    I'm looking at a Psych CNS program and from the job descriptions I read out there it seems like hands-on clinical nursing is a relatively small component of the Psych CNS's role. Is that true? Can anyone speak to this? Thanks.
  17. CNS: Admin > Clinical?

    San Francisco State University is the only one I'm aware of. They don't advertise it on their website, but the application includes it as an option. I called and confirmed with their nursing admissions officer. My ultimate goal is to be an APRN with...
  18. CNS: Admin > Clinical?

    Hi elkpark, Apparently the California board of nursing certifies psych cns nurses. By hands on I mean direct care with patients. I like the higher level planning and coordination of care, too, but I want my main job to be direct care. Thanks for the ...
  19. San Francisco State Entry Level Masters?

    Dear Allnursing Members, I am in the process of applying to nursing schools for either an Entry Level Master's program or ABSN. San Francisco State University is on my list because it is close to me, a public school, and has a master's program. My go...
  20. San Francisco State Entry Level Masters?

    I called the college and this time spoke to an admissions officer. They said that they do in fact offer the psych CNS.
  21. SF State A-ELMP/Psych?

    Hi Jen, I'm in the same position you were in last December. I'm applying to UCSF's MEPN for the Psych NP specialty. After calling SF State a couple of times I heard from one of their admissions counselors that they do in fact offer the Psych CNS. Whe...