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  1. Quitting during orientation

    Hello! I am in a similar position. I am less than 2 months in at the hospital and I plan on quitting tomorrow. I am unhappy with what I am doing and feel that something is better out there for me, perhaps in the community. I personally think this is ...
  2. Hello, Long story short, I was hired as a resident for night shifts. They started me on days and I loved it. However, once I switched to nights I felt horrible and my mental health became at an all time low. My body literally said no. I message...
  3. I just received an email to schedule an interview too. I am wondering if they will specify for what floor. Does anyone know how that works? Very exciting.
  4. Clark College fall 2019

    Hello MommaHOSS, I just finished my first term, it went very well. The teachers are extremely nice and helpful. I am a little worried about future terms because I have heard the same, but I think if you are dedicated you'll be fine. It's a lot of wo...
  5. Clark College fall 2019

    I had all A's! I think there is a little room for a B or two though. All the information is on their website. I think if you plan to have 35 or more points you should be good/guaranteed a spot. Good luck to you.
  6. Clark College fall 2019

    Yeah, that's what I expected to get first - the requirement evaluation. Good to know! Thank you for all this information. Really hoping I get in. Would love to start as soon as possible instead of taking another term off. I have one last important q...
  7. Clark College fall 2019

    Hello! Congratulations getting in!!! I hope to be where you are in a couple of months. I have applied to the winter term and I have 37 points. My GPA is a 4.0 and I am also not a clark student or veteran. Love to hear that you are similar to me and ...
  8. Hey everyone! I have been a caregiver/CNA for about 8 years. I decided to make the jump to nursing a few years ago and just started applying to nursing schools this month. After taking a break from CNA work for almost a year because of school, I hav...
  9. Hello all! I noticed there are no recent posts about Clark College's nursing program. I am pretty sure I will get 37 points on the application, but am anxiously waiting for my evaluation in the mail since that is what they sent out first last applica...
  10. MHCC/PCC Fall 2018/Winter 2019

    Hello roseygibbs4, I will be applying to PCC in 2019 along with many other schools. I calculated my points (if the application is some-what the same) and will also have 59/70 points. I'm trying to plan ahead and am very curious about your application...