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Lorie Brown RN, MN, JD has 34 years experience and specializes in Medical Legal Consultant.

Lorie A. Brown, RN, MN, JD has a big heart for nurses. Lorie's life journey has led her from Nursing to Law and now has almost 30 years of experience empowering nurses just like you and representing over 500 nurses before the licensing Boards. Check out her website empowerednurses.org and take the Empowered Nurses Simple Challenge. You may be asking yourself. Should I be worried about losing my license? How do I make sure my rights are protected? What happens if I got called before the Board? If you've had questions like these as nurse, you've come to the right place. Your concerns are valid and should be heard and addressed. 

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  1. Lorie Brown RN, MN, JD

    License surrender vs out of state probation

    Are you represented by an attorney?
  2. Lorie Brown RN, MN, JD

    allnurses Defeats Test Prep Firm in Defamation Lawsuit

    Congratulations. What a huge well deserved win. The constitution prevails. Unfortunately, in our legal system, anyone can file a lawsuit and each party pays to defend itself.
  3. Lorie Brown RN, MN, JD

    License surrender vs out of state probation

    I strongly caution nurses not to surrender their license. There are too many collateral issues that can arise. You said that you will not be on the OIG list. That is not true. Anyone who surrenders or has their license revoked can be on the exclu...
  4. Lorie Brown RN, MN, JD

    Can I Refuse to Work If My Facility Does Not Have Proper Personal Protective Equipment?

    This is what was sent out by the Oregon Board of Nursing where I took the quote. However it appears the Board has modified it slightly.
  5. Can I Refuse to Work If My Facility Does Not Have Proper Personal Protective Equipment? The number 1 question that I have been asked during this time of COVID-19 is, “Do I have to work if my facility does not have personal protective equipment?” Unfo...
  6. Lorie Brown RN, MN, JD

    Need Your Advice ASAP

    Trust your gut. I always say it is better to get another job because you cannot get another license. If your facility does not have policies and procedures, that is the place to start. If they don't have them, start a committee. That is your best ...
  7. This sets a bad precedent. If something happens to you, you are not covered by worker's comp. Also, if you access charts and you are not on the clock, legally it is a HIPAA violation although your hospital would probably never do anything about it....
  8. Lorie Brown RN, MN, JD

    How to Become a Legal Nurse Consultant

    There are 2 types of legal nurse consultants. The first is behind the scenes consultant. These nurses do not testify. The second is an expert witness. Some attorneys prefer that an expert is not a professional witness.
  9. Lorie Brown RN, MN, JD

    How to Become a Legal Nurse Consultant

    There are many times I am asked, “How can I become a legal nurse consultant?” Actually, you already are! The only thing an attorney would hire you for is your nursing knowledge and expertise. There is nothing extra that you need in either of those a...
  10. Lorie Brown RN, MN, JD

    Putting in orders without an order.

    If you put in an order without a physician's order, your license is at risk. You are practicing outside the scope of your nursing license. You must have a policy and procedure or standing orders which allow you to put in an order. In addition, ther...
  11. Lorie Brown RN, MN, JD

    Stayed suspension

    The best defense is a strong offense. I would recommend hiring an attorney. You can find a nurse attorney at TAANA.org. The attorney needs to see the evidence against you to make sure the state can prove their case. Just agreeing to something wit...
  12. I was drug tested at work, the only thing that I was positive for was my prescribed Clonazepam. However, I know benzos are abused (I truly didn’t abuse mine), so I kind of expected the BON to look into this. They did and now I have to do an eval. I’m...
  13. Without going into too much detail, my patient declined the AM shift prior leading up to PM shift. So I was handed off a patient in decline and it was discovered on my shift. I was not able to conduct a full neuro assessment during AM meds. They put ...
  14. Lorie Brown RN, MN, JD

    Board of Nursing Complaint

    Definitely get a lawyer. Do not respond yourself. Nurses tend to overshare which could get them in more trouble. Attorneys are trained on how best to respond and protect you. I suggest finding a nurse attorney at TAANA.org. You can also check ou...
  15. I am sorry this is happening. As nurses, our identity is tied to our jobs. When things change, it affects who we believe we are. The truth is you are a good nurse who got trapped in a bad situation. Whenever there is a he said, she said, the hospi...

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