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  1. LVN-RN Calstate Fullerton

    Hi! Has anybody attended cal state Fullerton LVN-RN program? What was your experience? Also, anyone applies or accepted during this pandemic? What are their clinical like in 2021?
  2. Remote?

    Hi all! I was wondering if you guys know if I could use my CA LVN license to get a job that doesn't involve patient care. Specifically, a job that would allow me to work from home. I live with my family and they will not allow me to work as a nurse w...

    Thank you both for your advice and comments! I really appreciate the reassurance.
  4. COVID-19: LTC Advice!

    I work LTC. I had PPE and double masked but still got covid. It’s inevitable. At some point you might compromise your PPE even by accident and then you get covid. Our faculty started with 3 cases and then went to 14 and counting. We were doing rapid ...
  5. I agree LTC is literally always hiring and are so desperate sometime they live new grads. Just look up the ratings and find a reputable and clean one just to get your feet wet. It’s actually enjoyable. Hard work and not as luxurious as a hospital but...

    Help! I work in LTC recently they had us take the covid testing the two day antigen testing instead of rapid testing and I came back positive. The only symptom I have had is a mild sore throat that goes away by the end of the day. Well I have a bit o...
  7. Advice Please!!

  8. Orientation for newly licensed nurses

    I can tell you one thing for sure... take it from a fellow new grad.... YOU WILL BE SLOW, YOU WILL FEEL OVERWHELMED, YOU'LL MAKE A MISTAKE AT SOME POINT, YOU MAY QUESTION LIFE AFTER YOUR FIRST MED PASS (okay the last one is dramatic) but it's really ...
  9. Orientation for newly licensed nurses

    HI!! Really depends on where you are. I recently got my first job at a snf and orientation has been 3 weeks, but it's because they are training me for three different roles (treatment, case management, and meds). my classmates who work at snfs s...
  10. Advice Please!!

    Hi All! I am a new grad LVN and got my first nursing job at a little SNF and I'm really excited to gain experience. They have trained me as med nurse, treatment nurse, and case management. Med pass is ROUGH but I expect to be slow since I am new...
  11. Providence Jobs

    Hello fellow nurses! I was wondering if anyone knows how Providence's new hiring process works. I got a video-on-demand interview and recorded and submitted it. Does anyone know how long it takes to hear from the job recruiter after that? what i...
  12. LVNs in Hospitals Again?!

    Hello to all the LVN/PNs out there! I want to start this out by saying y’all are awesome!! Many people I feel don’t give VN/PNs the credit they deserve, but everyone contributes to the health care team including you all. I was thinking about the need...
  13. Who else is stressed out? Anyone offer advice?

    I don’t mean to depress you but, I’m in my second semester and it only gets more difficult. It’s good you are doing well in your foundations classes because each semester builds on your established foundations. But I think you should take time to sto...
  14. Normally, I enjoy just reading what people post, but I need to vent.... When I graduated high school I decided to pursue nursing. I got rejected from RN programs a total of five times. I wanted to achieve my goal and move on with my life, so I applie...
  15. Los Angeles Harbor College /Spring 2019

    I remember you from last app. period Erl09. I really really hope you get in this time. This is my 5th time applying to an RN program. I'm doing LVN if I don't get accepted this time and do a LVN to RN bridge.