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    COVID-19: LTC Advice!

    I work LTC. I had PPE and double masked but still got covid. It’s inevitable. At some point you might compromise your PPE even by accident and then you get covid. Our faculty started with 3 cases and then went to 14 and counting. We were doing rapid test, but public Heath said do 2-3 day one. They are more accurate but it give covid pts. Especially asymptomatic ones a chance to spread it before being isolated. Also, they had nurses in covid wing also work other floors so I don’t see how they’ll stop the spread. Take precautions if you’re working and protect your family when you get home. Even remove your toothbrush from the bathroom. The have hotels you can stay at as well.
  2. I agree LTC is literally always hiring and are so desperate sometime they live new grads. Just look up the ratings and find a reputable and clean one just to get your feet wet. It’s actually enjoyable. Hard work and not as luxurious as a hospital but you’ll definitely get skills.
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    Help! I work in LTC recently they had us take the covid testing the two day antigen testing instead of rapid testing and I came back positive. The only symptom I have had is a mild sore throat that goes away by the end of the day. Well I have a bit of fatigue too, but I’m always tired even before this pandemic hit so it’s hard to tell :). I’m trying to isolate from my family but we share a bathroom. I’ve taken out my tooth brush and shower 2-3 hours before they wake up to scrub it down and air it it before they wake up. Also I’m trying to pump myself with vitamins. Any other suggestions on how to get through this? I’m so disappointed in myself for getting covid and now my family is at risk. Any nurses who have been positive? How long did it take to recover? How did you protect your family?
  4. BokChoi18

    LVNs in Hospitals Again?!

    Hello to all the LVN/PNs out there! I want to start this out by saying y’all are awesome!! Many people I feel don’t give VN/PNs the credit they deserve, but everyone contributes to the health care team including you all. I was thinking about the need for nurses especially during a pandemic, do you think they’ll start hiring LVNs back into hospital to help the nursing shortage? Prior to this crazy pandemic, we were being phased out, but we need helpers so why be picky?
  5. Normally, I enjoy just reading what people post, but I need to vent.... When I graduated high school I decided to pursue nursing. I got rejected from RN programs a total of five times. I wanted to achieve my goal and move on with my life, so I applied to and got accepted into a vocational nursing program. Yes, the first semester and a half was stressful, but I was doing well and I really enjoyed it. This semester has been a real struggle though. I went from getting A’s and B’s on tests to barely passing. Plus, I’m trying to fight burnout, and the responsibility of caring for people’s lives isn’t making me feel good anymore; it’s overwhelming me! I’m so scared of accidentally making a mistake doing more harm than good for my patients. Every time I get something wrong or make a mistake I tell everyone I’m fine and try to look like I’m put together, but inside I’m tearing myself to shreds for making dumb mistakes on tests etc. long story short I’m not enjoying theory or clinical like I use to. This month has felt like one long anxiety attack. I’ve worked for 4 years to get into a program only to want to give up?! I can’t stand it!! We are starting our peds and ob rotation and after we have one semester left. I want to persevere hoping it will get better, but doesn’t look like it will. I hate the idea of being a quitter. I want to continue to fight, but I need energy. Do you think this is a phase? Has anyone else felt this way? If so, did you stick with nursing and regret it? sorry for the long post