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  1. Hello everyone! I have a couple of questions. I was just told that I will be completing my capstone on a liver and kidney transplant unit. Is there anything anyone can suggest for me to brush up on? I am definitely going to review post-transplant medications as well as go through the renal and hepatic systems. Additionally, I was wondering if transplant units usually qualify as critical care units? I am hoping to possibly work in the ICU as a new grad and I know that most employers are looking for students who have had some critical care experience. Thank you everyone for your help! Stay safe ❤️
  2. Thank you everyone for your kind words and advice! Very much appreciate it and I hope to work with nurses like you in the future!
  3. Hello everyone, I'm not sure if anyone has any advice but I am going to graduate this Summer and I'm nervous to be a nurse because of the lack of clinical experience I've had due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I feel unprepared to perform a lot of the skills required in nursing and I've been limited in my ability to practice. I hope I'm able to get into a new grad program but I'm hoping the hospitals will be prepared for a lot of inexperienced nurses. Thanks everyone and stay safe and well!
  4. emma8989

    Fundamentals Hesi, help!

    Thank you!!
  5. emma8989

    Fundamentals Hesi, help!

    Hey everyone! I’m set to take the fundamentals HESI pretty soon and I’m really nervous! You have to score an 850 in my school to pass. I’ve heard that about 20% of people don’t pass and I’m scared. Can someone tell me what general topics to expect? And how difficult are the MedMath questions? Thanks and happy holidays!
  6. Hello, I am currently taking Physiology but I have to take the Hesi and the Teas in late October-November. Has anyone else taken the exams without finishing Physiology? I have completed Anatomy and Microbiology with As in both courses. I am also using workbooks and the ATI Study Prep package to prepare for the exams. I'm worried that I won't score well without finishing the Physiology course first. Thanks!!