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Hello there,

I'm hoping to transfer into a BSN program but I'm having a lot of stress about it! I live in California so the schools around here are very competitive. I am trying to create a list of schools that I can transfer to but I'm very intimidated by the competition.

Right now, I have a 3.8 GPA and I should be getting an A in Anatomy, Physiology, and Statistics. However, I think I'm going to end up with a B in Microbiology. I also have been volunteering at a hospital for 8-9 months.

I was just wondering what the most transfer friendly BSN programs are. I know that most schools don't take many Nursing transfers. I am willing to go out of state! So far, I will probably be applying to Samuel Merritt and USF. I know USF is extremely competitive and I most likely will not get in there. Any recommendations about other schools?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Most schools actually do take transfer students. You come into the BSN program as a junior. I recommend looking at all of the CSU's--the most cost-effective way to get a BSN. Yes, they are competitive, but your GPA looks pretty good.

It doesn't seem like you have listed your TEAS score in this post. Depending on your TEAS score, you will either have more or less options to choose from.

I too am from California and have applied to 10 CSUs, and I am confident to start in the fall. Did applications cost a lot? Yes, but I rest assured knowing I have back ups in case I don't get into my top choices.

My tip for you? Apply to ALL and as many as you can. I even applied to community colleges as a last resort.

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