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  1. Pronouncing Death

    At my hospital most patient deaths are "RN pronounce," which means you don't need a doc to call/confirm it. I appreciate that. But is there a specific methodology to confirming death? I had a comfort care patient die last week and it was my first RN ...
  2. Night shift or Day shift as a new nurse?

    You will learn more on days, especially time management. I started on days, and now am on nights at a different hospital. My learning has slowed way down, so I'm grateful for that first year on days.
  3. Fairly new nurse needs advice

    You might like night shift on med/surg. It's definitely a slower pace and you're not having to deal with families, doctors, etc.
  4. New Grad Looking for Job with No Connections

    Nor Cal is hard, hard, hard for new grads. Most people I know didn't have connections at the hospitals where they were hired. They were just lucky (and interviewed well, I guess). Be prepared for a difficult job search and be open to working in the C...
  5. My heels slide right out of Dansko's. I have a pair of Softwalk that I love, but I just ordered another pair in the same size and they don't fit at all. Sooo disappointed! How do Sanitas fit? I like the look of them.

    You will be fine. Five weeks is nothing. I've been a nurse for over a year and forgot to give 6 am meds to one of my patients just a couple weeks ago. It's a new job for me and I just plain forgot. It was written down on my brain and everything. The ...
  7. What pumps have you used?

    We use Hospira Plum. I'm not a fan. I'm very comfortable with Alaris, but was disappointed that my new (and better) employer uses Hospira. They seem overly complicated to me, and what a pain trying to find the programmed meds.
  8. RN doing rotations

    Night shift is hard for me, but I'm doing it. You have a few days to gradually shift your sleep schedule, so take advantage of that. Be prepared to be exhausted for your first shift, and then just tired for all your shifts after that. Daytime sl...
  9. How many jobs have you had in your career?

    I'm a second-career RN, not a millennial. First job: county hospital, one year. Left because bad commute, low pay, difficult working conditions Second job: much nicer hospital, two months so far. Much better commute, big pay increase, nigh...
  10. Why sterile water for PEG tube?

    I thought tap water for the programmed Q4H free water flush was fine, because the GI tract is hardly sterile! So why did the order say to use sterile water for the flush? It was ordered by the dietician, not the MD, if that makes a difference.
  11. Moyamoya Disease | Knowledge Brush-Up

    I had never heard of this until last week, when I cared for a sickle cell pt with h/o moyamoya.
  12. Anybody regret going to Kaiser?

    Are you speaking specifically of Kaiser, or just generally? I absolutely agree that money isn't everything...
  13. Days vs nights?

    I just started nights and it is not for me. I hate leaving for work when my family is heading to bed and then sleeping through all the beautiful sunshine. And night shift at my hospital is S L O W. I am bored. I worked day shift at a different hospi...
  14. Anybody regret going to Kaiser?

    I might have an offer at Kaiser, but am worried about burning a bridge at my current hospital, where I've been working for only one month. It seems like Kaiser nurses are, in general, a little disgruntled, but stay for the high wages and benefits. ...
  15. Running the pump dry

    What if there are no fluids ordered? Is it okay to hang a bag of NS as primary? What if they are on fluid restriction?