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  1. MyAimIsTrue

    Night shift or Day shift as a new nurse?

    You will learn more on days, especially time management. I started on days, and now am on nights at a different hospital. My learning has slowed way down, so I'm grateful for that first year on days.
  2. MyAimIsTrue

    How many jobs have you had in your career?

    I'm a second-career RN, not a millennial. First job: county hospital, one year. Left because bad commute, low pay, difficult working conditions Second job: much nicer hospital, two months so far. Much better commute, big pay increase, night shift, very boring compared to county. I wish I loved my new job, but maybe with time I will.
  3. MyAimIsTrue

    Why sterile water for PEG tube?

    I thought tap water for the programmed Q4H free water flush was fine, because the GI tract is hardly sterile! So why did the order say to use sterile water for the flush? It was ordered by the dietician, not the MD, if that makes a difference.
  4. MyAimIsTrue

    Moyamoya Disease | Knowledge Brush-Up

    I had never heard of this until last week, when I cared for a sickle cell pt with h/o moyamoya.
  5. MyAimIsTrue

    Anybody regret going to Kaiser?

    Are you speaking specifically of Kaiser, or just generally? I absolutely agree that money isn't everything...
  6. MyAimIsTrue

    Days vs nights?

    I just started nights and it is not for me. I hate leaving for work when my family is heading to bed and then sleeping through all the beautiful sunshine. And night shift at my hospital is S L O W. I am bored. I worked day shift at a different hospital and it was crazy busy and mentally and physically exhausting, but I was never bored. I am wishing for a compromise between the two! Maybe PM shift... But if you want to try days you may as well apply. At my hospital it goes by seniority, if a day or PM position ever opens up. Which is rare.
  7. MyAimIsTrue

    Anybody regret going to Kaiser?

    I might have an offer at Kaiser, but am worried about burning a bridge at my current hospital, where I've been working for only one month. It seems like Kaiser nurses are, in general, a little disgruntled, but stay for the high wages and benefits. My current hospital has happy nurses, good support in terms of CNAs, lines team, lift team, etc, but I am stuck on night shift and have already figured out that night shift is not for me. Pay is a tiny bit lower than Kaiser, but I don't really care about that. Kaiser nurses want to weigh in? This is Nor Cal, BTW.
  8. MyAimIsTrue

    Running the pump dry

    What if there are no fluids ordered? Is it okay to hang a bag of NS as primary? What if they are on fluid restriction?
  9. MyAimIsTrue

    How to place 6 lead telemetry?

    I'm very familiar with the tele lead placement when there are five leads, but what about six?! This is how they do it at my new hospital and I was flummoxed by the second brown lead. I asked a couple people but no one seemed to have a definitive answer. Google is not too helpful either.
  10. MyAimIsTrue

    Swing Bed Med/Surg?

    This kind of sounds like what my hospital started doing recently. We had lots of long-term patients who needed SNF care, but were having a hard time finding placement. Since the hospital was stuck with them anyway, they opened a "SNF." They were actually discharged from the hospital and admitted to this other unit, even though it was in the same building. They were not acute at all; most didn't even have IV access. Some wound care, lots of psych/homeless, lots of total cares. Vitals Q shift. I only floated there once--it was an easy and boring shift.
  11. MyAimIsTrue

    Night shift and assessment

    When you start your shift at 11 pm and finish getting report at 11:30, do you then have to wake up your patient to do your head-to-toe? I mean, of course you do have to. But it feels so wrong to wake someone just so you can feel their pulses and look at their skin. Any tips for this?
  12. I mean, that are specific to your hospital. At my old hospital we were always supposed to say whether the pt needed flu or pneumonia vaccine, but guess what, in the year I worked there, I administered a flu vaccine exactly one time. So why was it so important that we report on that? At my new hospital we are expected to report on what antibiotics the pt is receiving. I don't see why that necessarily needs to be included in the handoff report... Any particulars at your hospital?
  13. MyAimIsTrue

    Typical orientation time for new hire?

    I've just completed my first year of nursing (whew!) and have accepted a new job. They are giving me two weeks of orientation, so eight shifts. To me that doesn't seem like much, but is this typical for an experienced nurse?
  14. MyAimIsTrue

    How does on-call nursing work exactly?

    So if a position is "on-call" does that mean you are on call on specified days? Do you get paid for this time, even if you're not called in? Are you guaranteed a minimum number of hours per pay period?
  15. MyAimIsTrue

    Heparin drip

    If you have an order (based on heparin drip algorithm) to increase by 2 units/kg/hr and the current order is 8.3 units/kg/hr, is it correct to increase to 10.3 units/kg/hr and let your EHR and Alaris pump do the calculation for mL/hr? Or must you calculate mL/hr? I had been doing it the first way, which was signed off on by two different charge nurses, but have been told by the educator that it is incorrect and that you must calculate mL/hr which then in the above scenario changed the rate to 10.25 units/kg/hr, instead of my 10.3 units/kg/hr. As I type this out it seems absurd to me that 10.25 is more correct than 10.3 when the algorithm says to increase by 2 units/kg/hr... Please advise!
  16. Are there specific websites for this? Or do nurses just use Craigs List and Airbnb?