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  1. MyAimIsTrue

    Palo Alto VA New Grad Program

    They contacted me a week ago. I know a couple of other people interviewing this week as well. Thanks for the well wishes!
  2. MyAimIsTrue

    What is night shift actually like?

    I'm a new grad, just got an offer (yay!) and of course, will be starting on night shift. I'll be working 12 hour shifts and I'm having a hard time envisioning what I'll be doing at 1 am, or 3:30 am. I understand some things will have to happen, like perhaps a few med passes, or hanging a new bag of fluids, or taking care of someone who's really not feeling well, but it's got to be slower than day shift, right? Or am I just naive? This will be a med/surg/oncology floor, BTW.
  3. MyAimIsTrue

    New Grad RN career suggestions in Yuba City, California

    I'm assuming you've applied to Marysville Rideout? They've had a new grad posting recently. Redding (Dignity) is having a hiring event next week. Mercy in Sac has been posting new grad positions as well.
  4. My advice is to not come to California until you have experience. Even with extra certifications, Sigma, internships, etc, new grads have a very difficult time finding their first jobs here. I'm one of them.
  5. MyAimIsTrue

    Stanford New Grad RN Residency Fall 2019

    Good luck to you!
  6. MyAimIsTrue

    Stanford New Grad RN Residency Fall 2019

    Nutella10, if you don't mind me asking, did they give you specific instructions about the 2nd interview, like they did for the first? What types of questions, etc? Is it a group interview like the first?
  7. MyAimIsTrue

    Stanford New Grad RN Residency Fall 2019

    Oh, interesting. This is what the recruiter posted on FB a few minutes ago.
  8. MyAimIsTrue

    Stanford New Grad RN Residency Fall 2019

    Apparently all interviews are complete...
  9. MyAimIsTrue

    Stanford New Grad RN Residency Fall 2019

  10. I am a new grad in an extremely competitive market and wonder if ONS membership and completing this bundle would make me a more attractive candidate for an oncology unit. I completed my preceptorship on an oncology unit as well. Or are there other types of classes/certifications I should be looking at? I already have ACLS. Thanks for any advice. I want to get this career going!
  11. MyAimIsTrue

    medical spanish courses/classes

    I took Medical Spanish through a community college, but I would have been better off taking conversational Spanish. My Spanish was not at the level that the Medical Spanish class was.
  12. MyAimIsTrue

    UCSF new grad

    Congratulations to you! I do not have personal experience, but I do know someone from last year's cohort and she seems to be very happy with her UCSF experience.
  13. MyAimIsTrue

    Lucille Packard Children's Hospital New Grad Program - Fall 2019

    Did you happen to ask her why there is still a posting for New Grads in the CVICU? I'm still very confused by these new grad postings that came out this week and last!
  14. MyAimIsTrue

    UCSF Medical Center New Grad Residency 2019

    Has anybody heard back from adult hem/onc?
  15. MyAimIsTrue

    Senior practicum in oncology unit

    I requested that my preceptorship be in oncology and am now finishing up there. Oncology is med/surg, just with an additional interesting layer. No, I'm not allowed to administer chemo or hang blood, but I administer other meds, hang TPN (with preceptor), flush IVs, ports, and PICC lines, push IV meds, assess and chart, do admissions and discharges, etc. So most of the normal nursing stuff. I've not yet had the opportunity to place an IV or Foley, but have had some experience with chest tubes and NG tubes. It's a fast pace with lots of learning and hands-on tasks available to me. I will be sad when it ends!
  16. MyAimIsTrue

    Day Shift vs Night Shift

    Discharges are almost always on days/PMs, so you will need to learn that protocol, plus discharge teaching.