Best clogs for narrow heels and high arches?

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My heels slide right out of Dansko's. I have a pair of Softwalk that I love, but I just ordered another pair in the same size and they don't fit at all. Sooo disappointed! How do Sanitas fit? I like the look of them.

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I have tiny narrow feet.  I used to love my abeo Ellie's (leather) but they stopped making them.  The Abeo Gisele (not leather) cut right into the side of my foot - you could at least give them a try.

I am currently wearing danskos - and we have a love hate relationship.  I love the way they look - they are blue/purple paisley and they are adorable - I hate the way they feel.  I can however change up the insoles in them.  A 36 is too small with a different insole and a 37 is too big.  

I have also purchased C&C and I'm not really loving those either, but honestly I haven't tried to break them in either.  You cannot replace the insole in them so you are stuck.  I am starting a new job in Feb, and I may try them there.  Its a tiny hospital and not walking 5 miles a shift in a new shoe- may help break them in better.  At my current hospital - I walk a lot and don't really have time to change shoes mid-shift.  I could probably figure out how to do it, but I honestly don't want my feet to hurt for any part of a shift.  I can say that I have broken the danskos in enough that I don't have foot pain.

I haven't bought sanitas.  I've tried them on and just didn't like they way they felt.  My arch is moved forward from what most people are accustomed to, so I may not be the best person to ask.  I was able to try sanitas on at a Uniform Outlet.  

For a little while I wore Merrells.  Decided I didn't like those either.

Zappos.  I've lost so much money on exchanging shoes....

My first recommendation would be to try a different insole in danskos.  I bought a super thick one - but my shoes aren't leather and they aren't really stretching any. The insole really did make a difference in the ability for them to stay on my foot.  I also wear thicker compression socks now which also helps.

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