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  1. Chame000

    Specialty test? FSS ohio

    Yep, 142.50 plus 61.50 collection fee for total 204. Plus they were so kind enough to choose a site for me downtown two days after the riots/looting with a city wide curfew.
  2. Chame000

    Alcohol Free Hair Dye

    Ha!Ha! Absolutely not trying to drink the hair dye! My concern is because my consent agreement states Abstain from alcohol or any products containing alcohol and my white highlights are really starting to come out not that there not flattering on me but I like to keep some kind of youth fake or not throughout this process and I have been searching on-line for alcohol free hair dye and no such luck but where my luck and lottery number will come up is when this COVID-19 slows or settles down I will be selected for all the big money making test since it has been a couple months now. Thanks for your response!!
  3. Chame000

    Alcohol Free Hair Dye

    Can anyone recommend any brands of alcohol free hair dye? Thanks

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