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  1. Does anyone know how long is the NP-CRNA program is?

    Thank you. I appreciate it.
  2. CCRN

    Thank you. Do you know if it's formatted like the NCLEX?
  3. CCRN

    Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to respond
  4. Does anyone know how long is the NP-CRNA program is?

    That's great advice. Thank you. And yes I'd love to get into travel nursing, I'm just not sure how to start the process.
  5. New to the field

    Hello everyone, I'm new to neuro ICU and I'm very nervous about it. I always wanted to get into the ICU but I'm not sure I was ready for such a specialized position when the job was offered to me. Can you amazing neuro ICU nurses please tell me what...
  6. Does anyone know how long is the NP-CRNA program is?

    Thank you. Are you currently in a CRNA program? What kind of critical care experience did you need? I've been thinking about traveling nursing too but I was told being in a specific hospital would be better luck.
  7. CCRN

    Hey guys, I currently work in neuro ICU and I'm looking into taking the CCRN exam. Anyone here certified? How do I prepare for this exam? Any known review courses please? I've been told it's a very hard exam, it's making me nervous. Thank you.
  8. CCRN & GRE

    Hey guys, I need your advice please. I'm looking to go back to school, I'd appreciate any advice on how to prepare to get into graduate school please. Any great review book to prepare for the GRE? Thank you
  9. Hello fellow nurses, I'm an RN, BSN working in neuro ICU currently. My dream is to become a CRNA but knowing that I won't be able to work as an SRNA, and I'm not ready financially to stop working, I'm not ready to start a CRNA program now. I was wond...