Does anyone know how long is the NP-CRNA program is?


Hello fellow nurses,

I'm an RN, BSN working in neuro ICU currently. My dream is to become a CRNA but knowing that I won't be able to work as an SRNA, and I'm not ready financially to stop working, I'm not ready to start a CRNA program now. I was wondering if going the NP route first will help getting to my CRNA goal. Reason for this is I don't want to be out of school for a long time before going into CRNA school as it will be challenging for me to get back on track and NP is one of the advanced programs where you can still be in school and work full-time.

I guess I'm just looking for some guidance here and maybe some of you have done it or know someone that has. Any advice will be appreciated.

Precise questions:

1. Is there an NP to CRNA program? If so how long?

2. Does going to NP school even help with getting through CRNA considering knowledge and time?

3. Is it worth it going to NP school first or is it a waste of time?

4. Any rough idea of how many years it will take to achieve my end Goal?

I'm desperate for your help, please. Thank you.


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That would be a waste of your time. Never heard of a CRNP to CRNA program. Just work for a few more years as an RN to get more financially stable, I did travel nursing for 2 years to build up a savings account before CRNA school.


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Thank you. Are you currently in a CRNA program? What kind of critical care experience did you need? I've been thinking about traveling nursing too but I was told being in a specific hospital would be better luck.

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There are advantages/disadvantages to obtaining both. If you go the NP route now it'll interfere with getting great critical care experience. You want to work as many hours as possible and learn as much as possible about critical care before starting a CRNA program. You also need to save money. Working OT in a busy ICU for a couple years and then a couple years travel nursing is great preparation. Then maybe go for NP after your CRNA program. You can do that PT.


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That's great advice. Thank you. And yes I'd love to get into travel nursing, I'm just not sure how to start the process.


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I just got into CRNA school with 3 years medicine ICU experience. I agree don't fool with the NP stuff. Work OT and take travel jobs and save money. If you really wanna stay in school take community college classes online such as chemistries, stats, things of that nature. research certain schools you want and see what classes they like their applicants to take and work on taking those. youll get there!!! :)


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Thank you. I appreciate it.