Hey guys,

I currently work in neuro ICU and I'm looking into taking the CCRN exam. Anyone here certified? How do I prepare for this exam? Any known review courses please?

I've been told it's a very hard exam, it's making me nervous.

Thank you.

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You can find the test breakdown on AACN's website. It is heavy on hemodynamics and respiratory. I come from more of a surgery background and studied using the PassCCRN test bank. I also did the MedEd CCRN prep class (work paid for it).

If you search CCRN on here you'll find lots of opinions about other prep programs. Good luck studying!


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Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to respond


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I have a friend who is a test writer for them. Best advice he gave me for test prep was to sit and do as many questions as possible and time myself. It really wasn't the knowledge base for me but the mental gymnastics of answering that many questions in one sitting. I also used VonFrolio's program. Good Luck!!


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Thank you. Do you know if it's formatted like the NCLEX?

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I don't remember anything but multiple choice questions (no SATA or hot-spots or audio, etc...). Also, it is always 150 questions, 25 of which aren't scored.

Maybe someone can correct me about the types of questions... I'm sure the question bank is large, so everyone doesn't take the same test. It *is* like the NCLEX in that most questions have at least 2 plausible answers and you need to pick the 'most right.'

There are a few sample questions in the AACN booklet on the test (which is free on their website).


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I went to a course taught my Nicole kipchick (spelling?) and used laura gasparis CCRN questions book (which were very similar to the exam). Passed easily, honestly the class helped the most.