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  1. ADN or BSN? Which is right for me

    Hi! So I'm a newly certified CMA and I'm also going to get my CNA soon so that I have employment options while I'm doing my prerequisites. So I have a question about nursing school. Say I go BSN and end up failing I cannot then be a nurse right? So ...
  2. vocational school vs college

    Hey guys so I'm thinking of going to nursing school in the future. I know there's vocational schools and college. Which one would you guys suggest and why? I'm just looking into my options right now. I'm in CA if that makes any difference. Also are t...
  3. Walking in vs applying online

    Hi! So I'm a newly certified CMA (I know it's not nursing but I figured this applies everyone) and I was told it's always best to walk in and speak to HR in person and provide them with a resume and cover letter. If I go in and introduce myself to th...
  4. Reservists in hospital setting?

    Hey guys so I'm new here, I am finishing my ccma course and about to take the certification exam. I know it's not "nursing" by any means but I figued this is a good place to ask questions about the health care setting. So I'm a reservist in the Marin...