vocational school vs college


Hey guys so I'm thinking of going to nursing school in the future. I know there's vocational schools and college. Which one would you guys suggest and why? I'm just looking into my options right now. I'm in CA if that makes any difference. Also are there colleges without a wait? Thanks!

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Because you are in Cali, I would highly recommend avoiding vocational college/LVN. I am sure you heard as well as many know that they are trying to phase out LVNs, at least in the acute setting (which most people end up going/starting in at the very least). I honestly would say it would be a waste of time and money to go to LVN school for anyone. There are some ADN private institutions that have no wait, you just pay a hefty sum, much like going to a private university such as West Coast. Only difference is that these are ADN and it's cheaper. If you can't wait, by all means go for the private institutions. Just make sure you know what you are getting yourself into in terms of loans and what not. It's not just a simple "oh I can just pay off my loans when I graduate." You need to look into the job market, you need to actually pass nursing school, and life and sh!t happens. Just be prepared.